Engagement and Support

Supporting and promoting the AIMS program includes civic engagement, apparel and financial support.

AIMS Civic & Community Engagement

We believe in AIMS that civic and community engagement is fundamental to everyone’s development and contribution to society. Helping others often goes beyond producing good deeds but enables us to endeavor a deeper commitment to serving others so to make our environment, community, and world a better place. Through AIMS we seek to establish partnerships that allow for Brothers to participate in the act of giving. In AIMS we expect all Brothers to give back and participate in various acts of service, either through structured AIMS opportunities, on their own, or through Kutztown University. Please visit Kutztown University Community Outreach Center through Engage for opportunities to get involved.   All AIMS sponsored civic and community opportunities will be shared through the AIMS D2L or AIMS Group Me.

AIMS Apparel

  • Interested in purchasing AIMS apparel? Please visit here to purchase apparel for all seasons of the year. A portion of the proceeds from each sales go to support the AIMS Scholarship Fund.
  • If you are a current Brother of AIMS, and interested in receiving from our on-campus store, please email us at AIMS@kutztown.edu to request one of our exclusive items while supplies last (AIMS Classic Hoodie, AIMS maroon beanie, AIMS black beanie, AIMS maroon scarf, AIMS black scarf)

Giving to AIMS

  • AIMS is committed to helping every Brother succeed and reach their personal and academic goals, so that they can live the most productive and fulfilling life possible. Our efforts to support AIMS Brothers extend beyond our fiscal capacity. With your help, we can support AIMS Brothers in the following ways:
    • Funding for courses that are not covered through financial aid or other funding sources (ie. loans and credit cards)
    • Emergency funding for life’s surprises and unforeseen circumstances (such as rental assistance, course materials, emergency car repairs, food and transportation assistance)
    • Educational excursions, professional development (including conferences, graduate application fees, and study abroad)
    • Personal and life development skills such as driving lessons, driver license, passports, and counseling services
  • No matter the size of the gift, it will make an impact and help us reach our annual fundraising goal of $10,000. Whenever you are ready and are able to do so, make your impact by clicking here (and search AIMS). 

AIMS Scholarship Request