Non-overnight Travel Expense Reimbursement

*** News*** The Travel Management System implementation coming soon!***

All travel must be submitted to the Accounts Payable Office for reimbursement within 60 days of returning from your trip.

Please continue to use the Non-Overnight Travel Expense Form until further notice.  

  1. Please note that the Non-Overnight Travel Expense Form is a carbon form that is available in the Accounts Payable office. Please email for a supply to be sent via campus. This form can only be used to claim expenses relating to non-overnight travel assignments. Individuals who are claiming expenses related to overnight travel should use the Travel Expense Form. 

  2. Indicate first and last name of the traveler on the form, along with the employee number and campus address.

  3. If all the travel expenses listed on the form are related to one purpose (i.e. for the supervision of student teachers, for example), simply check the appropriate preprinted block under the purpose of travel section. If one of the preprinted purposes do not describe the nature of your travel, fill in one of the blank lines next to the A, B, or C letter blocks with the nature of your travel.

  4. If the travel expenses listed on the form are related to more than one purpose, you must indicate the purpose of each travel assignment next to the A, B, and/or C letter blocks. For example, if you are submitting expenses for supervising student teachers as well as for a day trip to attend a seminar, you would indicate the following information in the purpose of travel section.

    1. Block A - Supervision of Student Teachers
    2. Block B - Attend Time Management Seminar

      When you have more than one purpose you may not check one of the preprinted purposes, you must fill in the purpose on one of the blank lines as indicated in the above example.

  5. Fill in the account number information on the right-hand side of the form. If you are splitting your travel costs against more than one account, indicate the amount of the expense to be charged to each account. You may allocate your travel costs to a maximum of three accounts.

  6. List your travel expenses in the Travel Cost Information section. You must indicate the date of travel, the time you leave and return as well as the destination city, state, and site.  Enter your mileage in whole numbers (no decimals).  If you are claiming expenses unrelated to mileage, meals, or tolls/parking, list the amount of the expense in the "Other Expense" column and place a description of the expense in the "Other Expense Explanation" column. If you have indicated more than one purpose of travel on the form, list the expenses associated with each purpose on a separate line in the Travel Cost Information section. In the code column, place an A, B, or C to indicate to which purpose the expenses on that line are related.

    Original receipts are required for all expenses of $35 or more.

  7. The traveler must sign the form to obtain the signatures of his/her supervisor/chairperson and dean/director. The Director of Grants & Sponsored projects must sign all forms related to grant-funded expenditures. Vice President approval is required on all travel expense forms of $2500 or more.

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