Employee Moving Expenses

At the discretion of the President, at the time of appointment, moving expenses may be paid in part or in full for positions at management level 210 and above by the university, whether the employee is transferring from outside the State System or from within the State System, including within Kutztown University. Reimbursement of reasonable and customary relocation expenses will be covered for employees moving to an address within a 30-mile radius of the university. Reimbursement of costs requires the individual to obtain a minimum of three quotes from responsible bidders and bids must be submitted within one year of having been received. Reimbursement will be capped at the amount quoted by the lowest responsible bidder, up to a maximum of $6,000.

Please follow the Tax Procedure 2017-1 Employee Moving Expenses guidelines to request any moving expenses. 

Please fill out the Employee Moving Expenses Reimbursement Request upon completion of this form please forward this with all attached quotes, receipts and approvals to the Controller, Matt Assad. Stratton Admin Building Room: 221D