Disney Internship Program

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Olivia Bauer

Name: Olivia Bauer Major: Marketing Minor: N/A Internship Job Title: Seater/Attractions Host Internship Site: Walt Disney World Resort’s Sci Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant/ The Barnstormer and Dumbo the Flying Elephant Career Goal: Marketing or Advertising position with a good company How You Got the Internship: I applied online, went through a web-based interview, and then a phone interview. Key Responsibilities: At Sci-Dine in Theater Restaurant, I was a Seater where my job was to check-in Guests, communicate effectively with Guests, help dissolve any arising issues, and give Guests an immersive experience where they felt like they were stepping into the 1950’s at an actual Drive-In Movie Theater. Working as an Attractions Host at The Barnstormer and Dumbo the Flying Elephant, safety was always the top priority. Communication with Guests and fellow Cast Members was key, so that the rides could operate both safely and efficiently. When issues arose, it was my job to talk to the Guests, understand their concerns, and recover the situation so the Guests were understanding and could enjoy the rest of their vacation. Challenges: Working with people from all across the world can be challenging because everyone has “their” way of doings tasks, and understanding and communicating with Guests of different cultures is equally as difficult. There were many times where Guests would get upset when I had to enforce policies or rules, and having Guests yell at you is never fun. Also, being so far away from family for such a long amount of time, especially during the holidays, can be extremely hard. Benefits: Every single challenge I faced turned into a way to better improve my work, social, and everyday skills. Working and communicating with fellow Cast Members and Guests from diverse backgrounds helped me understand more about different cultures and personality types. Every difficult situation was an opportunity for me to learn better how to deal with issues, and how to go about other scenarios in the future. What I learned: You cannot pick those you work with or the Guests you encounter, but you can pick the approach you use when trying to understand and communicate with them. Not everyone is going to do things the way you may have wanted, and that is completely okay. Learning how to adapt to the situation and those around you will open your eyes to better understand the world and people around you. There will be times when problems arise that are completely out of your control, but being prepared and remaining calm during these situations will help not just yourself, but everyone involved. Internship Tips: Do not be afraid to put yourself in potentially uncomfortable situations because those are the times where you will learn the most about yourself and what you are fully capable of. Challenging yourself and attempting to go a step above may not always turn out how you imagined, but even if it leads to a setback, you will get a lot more out of “failing” than if you succeeded right away. Never be discouraged by a “no.” Let it drive you to further prove yourself.