Candidate Reimbursement

Candidate reimbursements are to be processed as check requisitions via the check requisition form. Receipts for reimbursement should be attached. All reimbursement policies apply. If the candidate is not here to sign the check requisition form the options are as follows:

  1. You can scan a copy of the check requisition to the candidate and have them sign it and scan it back via email. (Please attach to form)
  2. You can have the candidate acknowledge that he/she is requesting reimbursement in an email. (Please attach to form)
  3. You can send the check requisition form through the mail and have them sign off and send it back. 

After getting the acknowledgment or signature from the candidate, forward the check requisition form to Accounts Payable.

Check Requisition Forms can be found in the accounts payable office located in Stratton Admin Building room 223E.