Commercial Credit Card Program

Welcome to the Commercial Credit Card Program site for the North East Regional Procurement Collaborative (NERPC).

Kutztown University Procurement Services Department currently administers an internationally accepted Commercial Credit Card program through the current Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education contracted financial institution.

The Procurement Card and Travel Card programs are available for usage by both Kutztown University and East Stroudsburg University campus personnel by completing a Cardholder Agreement form, acquiring the necessary approvals, and submitting it to the Card Systems Administrator for processing. The individual cardholders will be contacted when their accounts have been created.

The Procurement Card (P-Card) program is designed to improve efficiency in the processing of high volume low dollar purchases. The use of this card is highly encouraged in lieu of a purchase requisition when the total cost of the commodities being purchased is $500 or less. The card cannot be used to purchase services.

The Procurement Card program will do the following:

  • Reduce the use of departmental purchase requisitions and purchase orders in procuring appropriate items with a cost of $500 or less.
  • Reduce paperwork and provide an additional avenue for procuring high volume, low dollar items.
  • Allow cardholders the ability to initiate transactions by telephone, fax, or internet, within the limits of this program.


The Commercial Credit Card program is for
official university purchases only!


Payments to vendors will be made via a monthly process directly with the bank responsible for the commercial card program.


Procurement Card Basics - a quick and fun overview of the Commercial Credit Card Program.

Procurement Card Help - For assistance with obtaining Procurement/Travel Cards, cardholder profile changes, cancellation of cards, training, and paperwork processing, please contact a Card Systems Administrator at 610-683-4904, or contact Bank of America Merrill Lynch Cardholder Support at 1-888-449-2273.

Accountholder PIN Retrieval - Information on how you can retrieve a forgotten PIN online at any time by visiting after a one time registration.

KU/ESU Procurement Card Guidelines and Procedures - Procedures for obtaining and using a procurement card, record keeping and more.

KU/ESU Travel Card Guidelines and Procedures - Procedures for obtaining and using a travel card, record keeping and more.

Accountholder Payment Center Quick Start Guide - Instructions for accessing your statement and navigating in Bank of America Merrill Lynch's Payment Center.

Monthly Reconciliation Process - Instructions for reconciling your monthly statements and the EXACT method how to send them to KU Procurement Services for auditing.

Procurement Card Forms - Various forms used to support the Procurement Card Program.

Summary of Uses - This list contains a list of authorized and unauthorized purchases.

PA Sales Tax Exemption Certificates for Commodity Purchases - Process and form to be used when making purchases and reconciling transactions to obtain exemption from Pennsylvania sales tax.

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