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Intersectionality and Diversity

Intersectionalism recognizes that all forms of oppression are interlinked and often coexist; a black woman, for example, experiences both misogyny from men and racism. In the context of the LGBT community, it is important to recognize the many, overlapping identities we have both in terms of oppression (as members of the LGBT and other minority communities) and in terms of privilege (as whites, men, or other privileged  class). By recognizing and welcoming other minority groups, we can all make longer strides toward liberation.

Below is a short list of resources that may help you get started learning about the diversity within the queer community.

Ethnic Diversity

A leading organization for political action in the latino/latina LGBT community. 


Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity (MASGD)
Sponsors a weekend-long retreat for LGBTQ Muslims and their partners and allies, seeks outside donations, as it is run independent of other organizations, and offers testimonials of past attendees. 

Interfaith LGBT Resources

Offers a number of links about relationships, parenting and spirituality catering to Jewish individuals in interfaith relationships. 

A La Familia

A Latino-Catholic resource in Spanish and English aimed at facilitating dialogue.

Un recurso latino-católico en Español y en Inglés para conversación entre las comunidades religiosas y la comunidad LGBT.

Out in Scripture

Trembling Before G-d

A documentary which explores the experiences of Jewish lesbian and gay individuals, especially those in Israel. Available online here.


National Resource Center on LGBT Aging

Compiles state-by-state resources for older LGBT adults, so they can find the help they need in their community.