LGBT-Friendly Policies

Link to Class Absence Protocol can be found here

The Kutztown University LGBTQ+ Resource Center is dedicated to improving the lives of the LGBTQ+ community on campus. In this mission, we have strived to add and enhance policies to better the community. Below are some of the initiatives being taken by the university to enhance the experience of KU's LGBTQ students.

All of Kutztown University's policies can be found in detail in the policy register.

Stonewall Community

The Stonewall Community here at KU is a gender-inclusive community open to all first-year students. The community is designed to engage the students in the LGBT community and advocates on LGBT history and the extensive resources available to them. The Stonewall Community is located in Schuylkill Hall and is part of our gender-inclusive housing policy. Each member of the community is assigned a mentor to help guide them through their experience at KU, and they are required to attend three Stonewall meetings and a variety of other events, of which they may choose, to broaden their knowledge and scope of the LGBT community and to gauge their journey and experiences. For a full list of requirements and registration, please visit the Stonewall Community Housing page

Gender Inclusive Housing

It is important to the LGBTQ Center and the university that its students feel safe and welcome, and, in Fall 2017, Kutztown University implemented its gender-inclusive housing policy, allowing trans, intersex, and gender non-binary students to be housed with other students identifying outside (or not) of the gender binary, if they feel more comfortable in this environment. For the university's registration and requirements for gender-inclusive housing, please visit the Gender Inclusive Housing page.

Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Kutztown University respects its student's rights to privacy and those who identify outside of the gender binary, and has, therefore, designated Gender Neutral bathrooms across its campus. The locations are listed below.  

Gender Neutral Bathroom Locations: 

Admissions Ctr - 1st, 2nd FloorBoxwood House - 1st, 2nd FloorDeFran - Ground FloorEducation House - 1st, 2nd FloorLibrary - Ground FloorLytle - 1st FloorMSU - 2nd FloorMulticultural Ctr - 1st, 2nd FloorOld Main A-wing - Ground FloorOM A-wing - 1st FloorOM B-wing - 3rd FloorOM C-wing - 2nd FloorPresident's House - 1st FloorRec Ctr - 1st, 2nd FloorRickenbach - 2nd FloorSchaeffer - 1st FloorSharadin - 1st, 2nd Floor

Name  Change Policy

The university understands that some students may wish to use another name other than their given first name as recorded on official documents and has implemented a policy to honor this choice. The Preferred Name Policy allows students to change their name as it appears on rosters, their email, and other unnamed platforms. Students can also change their legal name through the office of the registrar.

How can a student change their name?

PREFERRED NAME:  Students can change their preferred name by filling out the Preferred Name Change Request Form.  This preferred name will not affect the legal name being displayed through MyKU and other official records (i.e. transcripts, financial records, etc.). The preferred name is applicable only for Kutztown internal systems.

Get the PREFERRED NAME CHANGE REQUEST FORM at the KU Registrar website on the Forms Page.  Student will be required to sign in with their KU credentials which includes your full email address and password.  Follow the directions and submit the form at the Registrar Forms page.

LEGAL NAME:  Students are also able to change their legal names by filling out the Student Name Address Change Form and providing documentation of the name change. (Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree, Court Order)

Get the STUDENT NAME ADDRESS CHANGE FORM at the KU Registrar website on the Forms Page.  Student will be required to sign in with their KU credentials which includes your full email address and password. Follow the directions and submit the form at the Registrar Forms page.

University Community Response Team

In an effort to document and combat incidents of bias and discrimination, Kutztown University has assembled a community response team made up of over 30 faculty members, including the Chief of Police and heads of departments. The task force catalogs and responds to reported incidents to better enforce and reduce such incidents of bias and discrimination. For more information on the University Community Response Team, visit their page.

To report an incident, please visit this page

Office of Social Equity

The Office of Social Equity is dedicated to equality and compliance and monitors the university's compliance with non-discriminatory policies and protocols. The Office of Social Equity's webpage can be reached here