Multicultural Center

Serving all Kutztown University students, our purpose is to provide activities and services focusing on the exploration of cultural and racial identity, awareness, and social exchange, as well as assist with personal and academic growth and leadership skills development. We attempt to provide a safe environment conducive to and encompassing concepts of community and unity. We invite you to join our university family.

Community Art Project: Uniqueness Wall Quilt - Ongoing

What makes you unique? Come join this community art project by creating a small canvas square expressing your uniqueness. This project is ongoing and supplies will be available for two weeks for students to create their quilt square. Before the end of the semester, the tiles will be mounted to create our community quilt. This project is led by MCC Graduate Assistant, Alicia Gregoire.

MCC Makers' Coffee House - 11/7/2019

The MCC Makers' Coffeehouse is a special event open to all in the KU community showcasing student work and featuring university professors as guest speakers. The Coffeehouse runs for several hours during which you can expect snacks, drinks (like coffee and tea), music, poetry readings, student and faculty sharing, and socializing. This event is also a great way to get connected with the Multicultural Center (MCC) and learn about our many events held throughout the semester that promote diversity, inclusion, and community-building.

Gaming Tournament - 10/25/2019

Video Gaming…just because, It’s Fun! To enter the MCC Gaming Tournament, contact student worker, Michael, Stevens or Jalen at 610-683-4807. Register between Friday, Oct. 18 and Thursday, Oct. 24 for a chance to win a mystery video game and KU bookstore gift certificate.

Community Art Project: Uniqueness Wall Quilt
MCC Makers' Coffee House
Gaming Tournament

About the MCC:

What exactly does "multiculturalism" mean? It means the creating, guaranteeing, and encouraging of spaces in which different multicultural communities are able to grow at their own pace. At the same time, multiculturism is a public space in which these communities are able to interact and enrich the existing culture without relinquishing any part of their own culture. The result is the creation of a new community in which they recognize reflections of their own racial or ethnic identity.

The Office of Multicultural Services is an administrative department within the Division of Academic and Student Affairs. The physical location of the department is in the K.U. Multicultural Center. All operations and functions of the Center are preformed through Multicultural Services, though the two terms are often used interchangeably in the community, as well as, in the department.

The Center is open during the academic semester Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Friday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

You may visit the Center to attend any of our programs, a study in the study lounge or resource room, meet with a friend and/or just relax between classes. Some of the rooms within the Center are available to reserve meeting space for smaller events such as group gatherings or workshop presentations. Room reservation priority is given to student organizations and programs that focus on multiculturalism and diversity.