Our mission is to develop positive, forward-thinking individuals from diverse backgrounds by assisting them with attaining their academic goals and promoting multicultural competencies.

  • Leadership: To develop positive, forward-thinking individuals and responsible citizens; by providing and facilitating opportunities for leadership experiences, academic growth, and community engagement. 
  • Scholarship: To assist students from diverse backgrounds with attaining their academic goals; by serving as a resource and an advocate to them and encouraging academic excellence. 
  • Collaboration: To promote multiculturalism and assist with the advancement of the University's vision, mission, and diversity initiatives by collaborating with campus and community organizations on multicultural and diversity projects to support a healthy, caring community. 
  • Objectives: To promote an understanding of cultural, ethnic, and diverse elements of our region, nation and world: by fostering multicultural competencies of our students and by demonstrating the interdependence among diverse peoples.