Programs and Services


The Multicultural Center supports and encourages students to fully participate in college life, and provides guidance and direction to help any student find resources, explore opportunities, and develop or enhance their academic and personal skills. We also provide resources and support to individuals, groups, and organizations seeking to develop multicultural-focused workshops and programs.

Any student or employee may participate and, when open to the public, the community in general may participate. The only exceptions are when space limitations restrict attendance; then, audience or target population is by invitation only to those whom the program or activity will impact the most.

The Center serves the institution, its populations, and the surrounding community in numerous ways including, but not limited to:

  • Providing and facilitating leadership development opportunities
  • Hosting programs, events, workshops and classes relative to multiculturalism and diversity
  • Planning and implementing student-focused programs
  • Offering Center space for diversity programs and special events
  • Serving as referral and liaison to various campus departments, organizations, and committees
  • Supporting diversity-centered projects, activities and programs via co-planning and/or co-funding
  • Serving as supplemental mentors and advisors to student organizations and groups
  • Serving the community via development/implementation of outreach programs to agencies and area schools
  • Disseminating information on scholarships and other opportunities for students
  • Developing and facilitating workshops and training in leadership, diversity, and multiculturalism                

The Ujima Conference celebrating and honoring Black history and culture is held annually in the Spring, featuring a keynote speaker and various workshops facilitated by current student leaders, MCC student workers and/or Kutztown alumni. "Ujima" is one of the 7 principles of Kwanzaa, meaning "community" or "collective work and responsibility". It is open to all Kutztown University students and students invited from other System Schools as well as surrounding universities and colleges.

2024 UJIMA award recipients

This year marks the beginning of a new tradition. Each year we will recognize and award beloved students, staff, and/or faculty who have an immense impact on our students, who relate to the meaning of "ujima", and who strive tirelessly to improve the wellbeing of our diverse communities. We are proud to announce the following awards to these inspiring individuals.

man wearing Kutztown shirt smiling
Voice of Freedom Award:
Tariq Jordan

Tariq embodies freedom through his roles as a musician, advocate, and community friend. His journey in music is not just a personal pursuit but a medium through which he voices the concerns and rights of others, particularly his peers. Tariq's commitment to advocacy is a testament to his belief in freedom of expression and the power of collective voices to drive change. By sharing his talents across the community, he fosters an environment where creativity and solidarity flourish. Tariq Jordan demonstrates kindness; passion and a commitment towards contributing to a more vibrant, supportive community.  

man wearing black suit smiling
ujima legacy Award:
bernard mccree

Bernard McCree is a senior member of our Executive Management Student Affairs Team. Mr. McCree has been an advocate and a champion for students through his work as the Director of Financial Aid, & Wilson School District Board Member. He has demonstrated his commitment to seeking opportunities and pathways for student success. He continues to leave his mark as a mentor through his work with AIMS and Profs (Providing Resources and Opportunities for Future Standouts) and is also an active member of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity Incorporated. His work in creating supportive relationships across campus deserve acknowledgment. He has always been devoted to elevating the Golden Bear and surrounding Communities. He has been described as compassionate, empathetic, supportive, and someone who often goes the extra mile behind the scenes. And he can always be counted on to be the best dressed at any function. Thank you for embodying the mission of collective work and responsibility.   

woman smiling wearing white flowery shirt
ujima excellence Award:
dr. brenda muzeta

Dr. Muzeta has contributed to the collective work needed to uplift a village. She has been an unwavering supporter of our mission and a consistent MCC campus collaborator and has presented each year at the Ujima conference. She is always willing to share the beauty and richness of her culture with our KU community. She is from Lusaka, Zambia and is currently Assistant Professor of Secondary Education, Community mentor, African Student Association Advisor, FDI (Frederick Douglass Institute) Executive Board Member, Scholar and more. She leads our community with confidence and kindness, and she is willing to participate in the work towards creating belonging. Additionally, we are grateful for her commitment to elevating students through education. She exemplifies excellence, and grace.    

man smiling wearing white shirt
campus unifier Award:
bilal salaam

Bilal is a trusted colleague, mentor, friend, and Coach. He is receiving this award today because we would like to thank him for his dedication to D.E.I, the mentorship he provides through AIMS (Achievement Initiative for Male Success), and for the community he has built in athletics for our students. Learning is a lifelong journey. He certainly has embraced this for himself and encouraged it in others. Additionally, Bilal has unified the sports community by creating I.D.E.A. & empowering athletes to speak out and be better allies, community members, teammates, and friends. Bilal's reach far exceeds this campus, the engagement, perspectives, and advocacy and has certainly left a mark. We need people like him in these spaces and we are grateful that through your work this campus is a safer, more thoughtful, and welcoming place.

woman smiling tan dress
emerging leader Award:
makiya savage

Makiya has demonstrated outstanding leadership and advocacy for our students of color on campus. She is the current president of BSU, member of Catwalk modeling troop, Black Flame dance team and SISTERs. The list does not end there. Her drive and passion have placed her in leadership positions across campus all while working multiple jobs and finding time to squeeze in her internships. She is fierce, bright, and unapologetically authentic. We adore her for that. We know that she will continue leading the charge of change anywhere she goes. Today we want her to know that we are grateful and proud of the space she has created and the representation she has provided for many. Her resume is just that impressive. Makiya will graduate this May with her bachelor’s degree in Sports management and will continue to Temple, where she will pursue her Master of Science in Sport Business: Athletic Administration & Recreation & Event Management. We know you like the quote from Nelson Mandela- “sports have the power to change the world” Well do you. Thank you for all you have done for us. We look forward to seeing what she leads in her next adventure!

man smiling orange shirt
community service Award:
shavon smith

Shavon is a student who comes to us from Kingston, Jamaica. He has been described as genuine, wonderfully authentic, and refreshingly unafraid to be himself. He does not just talk about ideas, he creates solutions and leads them into existence, such as volunteering countless hours of his time as a videographer for the men’s basketball team and the Fredrick Douglas Institute. He is always willing to lend his assistance, talents, and perspectives towards the greater good. Shavon Smith is a bridge builder. He is such a wonderful example of someone genuine, who puts forth positivity through his actions. One of the best things about him is that he is  unafraid to highlight the greatness of others. Equally important is that he too exemplify greatness. His kindness, friendship and care for people has helped create a better community here at KU.

Check out pictures and flyers from past events below!

man standing at lectern speaking to audience

Cornell William Brooks, 18th Pres. & CEO of the NAACP, keynote speaker Ujima 2023

woman standing in front of Powerpoint talking to audience

Dr. Brenda Muzeta, Asst. Prof. of Special Education, presents "I Am the Daughter of Africa" for Ujima 2023

group of 7 people posing with Professor Ilyasah Shabazz

Students with Ilyasah Shabazz, daughter of Malcolm X, Ujima 2022

group of 5 students and staff posing with Chief Brashear

Students with Chief Warrant Officer 5 Phillip Brashear, Ujima 2022


The Multicultural Services offers several presentations and trainings available to the KU community. Please contact Angelica Mishra, Office Manager of Multicultural Services, at if you are interested in bringing a campus group, department, or class to the Multicultural Center. Availability is based on staff schedules and may be limited at times.

Below are the presentations offered for the 2022-23 academic year.

Implicit Bias and Microaggressions

Description: After defining bias and implicit bias, this presentation explores the root causes and manifestations of implicit bias on and off campus, and how to both identify and work towards addressing ones' own biases.

Presenter: Graduate Assistant for Promotion, Collaboration, & Cultural Exchange

Length of Presentation: 50 minutes (interactive)

Location: Multicultural Center (student groups and classes hosted at Center)

How to Be an Inclusive Ally

Description: This presentation explores how to better create a community of belonging and atmosphere of open learning regarding what it means to be a more inclusive ally.

Presenter: Graduate Assistant for Recruitment, Retention, & Success

Length of Presentation: 50 minutes (interactive)

Location: Multicultural Center (student groups and classes hosted at Center)

Intergroup Dialogue

Description: Intergroup dialogue uses dialogic principles to focus conversations on how people with differing social identities have differential access to social power, privilege, and cherished resources. In this session, the presenter will share information about intergroup dialogue and how to use it. Attendees will learn how to effectively manage, focus, and contribute to group dialogue in ways that will positively impact their community (beyond). 

Presenter: Graduate Assistant for Student and Leadership Development

Length of Presentation: 50 minutes (interactive)

Location: Multicultural Center (student groups and classes hosted at Center)

Personality Analyses

Description: After determining the Myers-Briggs personality aspects of each student, the presentation allows students to understand how to embrace their strengths and weaknesses to better understand themselves and their peers.

Presenter: Graduate Intern for Student and Leadership Development

Length of Presentation: 50 minutes (interactive)

Location: Multicultural Center (student groups and classes hosted at Center)

Multicultural Services Overview and Description

Description: This in-classroom presentation provides a brief overview of the Center, its overall mission, and current programming.

Presenter: Rotating

Length of Presentation: 20-30 minutes

Location: FYS classrooms