Appointment Scheduling

Sports Medicine Facility Access

The Sports Medicine personnel will be available for evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation of athletic related injuries and wellness discussions by ‘appointment only’. Student-Athletes (SA) are asked to use their PNC Open Communicator patient portal (Click Here) to schedule an appointment.   

Injury(ies) occurring during practice and games will be seen in the Sports Medicine facility without an appointment.

Sports Medicine Facility Entrance Procedures

  • All individuals will do a 'self-check' for Covid-19 symptoms. If you have any symptoms, contact a member of the Sports Medicine staff or contact Clinical Services at the health & Wellness Center.
    • All individuals will wear a mask and continue to wear a mask while in any SM facility

If at any time you are not feeling well or have come into close contact with another individual who is not feeling well, you should NOT come to the sports medicine facility. Stay in your room and contact Health & Wellness Services (HWS) at (610) 683-4082, or Public Safety at (610) 683-4002, for further instructions. If you are experiencing trouble breathing or other life-threatening symptoms call PS (610) 683-4001 or 911 for assistance.