Sports Medicine Insurance Procedures

Refer to the following with any questions regarding insurance claims.

In the event a student-athlete is injured while participating in a "Covered Sport," it is important for our office to know about the medical coverage they have in order to avoid delays in injury management and claims processing. All student-athletes are REQUIRED to have and maintain Personal Health Insurance that covers athletic-related injuries/illnesses. Therefore, as a requirement for any level of participation, all student-athletes MUST complete an "Athletic Insurance Information Form." Please note that it is vital that all requested information be completed in its entirety. Also, any changes to your coverage must be reported and updated immediately to avoid injury or claims management problems. The policyholder, along with the student, must sign and date the Athletic Insurance Form and return it to the Office of Sports Medicine before the student-athlete may participate in any KU athletic activities.

Supplemental Athletic Accident Insurance is provided by Kutztown University Student Services, Inc. (KUSSI) for the benefit of our student-athletes. Effective with the 2014-15 year, Kutztown University's Supplemental Athletic Accident Insurance plan will have a $1,500 Deductible per injury claim. The Deductible amount will be the responsibility of the student-athlete and can be met by the student-athlete's insurance provider or out-of-pocket monies. Claim benefits will be paid only after Kutztown University's Intercollegiate Athletic Supplemental Insurance policy Deductible has been met. Under the terms of the policy, the coverage is considered secondary payor to all other valid and collectible medical insurance policies. Most notable would be parental insurance coverage through your place of employment under which the student-athlete is covered as an eligible dependent.

Government-funded insurance plans (such as Tricare, Medicaid, etc.) or Faith-based medical plans are NOT considered primary medical insurance. If a student-athlete has a government-funded insurance or faith-based plan, the student-athlete may sign a waiver to decline the secondary medical insurance provided by Kutztown University. Please or call (484) 646-4285 regarding this option.

The KU Athletic Accident Insurance is comprehensive, but it has standard limitations. It does not cover expenses due to illness or non-athletically related injuries. Only those expenses incurred within a period of two years from the date of the injury are covered. Catastrophic insurance is available through the NCAA and must be initiated within the same two-year period. Please refer to the Athletic Injury, Illness and Medical Care Procedures document for a complete explanation of the insurance policies and procedures. This document can be downloaded from this site or picked up in the Athletic Office and the Office of Sports Medicine. If you still have questions, please e-mail , Director of Sports Medicine.

All Injury Claim Form documents and instructions for Filing a Claim can be picked up from the Sports Medicine Office, located in Keystone Hall, Room 124.