Sickle Cell Requirements

Effective August 1, 2022, all NEW student-athletes  (including those who Try-Out) MUST be tested for the Sickle Cell Trait or show proof of a prior test.  This does not include Returning Student-Athletes who have signed a Waiver in the past. These students may continue to sign the Waiver for the remainder of their athletic career.  

NCAA Bylaw Update: Sickle Cell Solubility Test. The examination or evaluation of student-athletes who are beginning their initial season of eligibility and students who are trying out for a team shall include a sickle cell solubility test (SST), unless documented results of a prior test are provided to the institution.

Every Kutztown University Student-Athlete Needs to Complete a KU Sickle Cell Trait Reporting Form.

For NEW and Incoming SA, there are ONLY two (2) options below you may choose from:

1)    Submit documentation showing what your Sickle Cell Trait status is.  
        You can do this by:

        a.  Contacting your pediatrician or birth hospital and get documentation
             showing your Sickle Cell Trait status. 

        b.  Requesting  a copy of your newborn screening information/results 
             from your respective state Dept. of Health (birth state). 

             For those born in Pennsylvania, please CLICK HERE for directions.

      NOTE:  Testing for Sickle Cell in PA began in Sept 1992.  
                     If you were born prior to this date, you’ll need to get tested.  
                     If you were born in another state, contact that states Dept. of Health 
                     to request your Sickle Cell Trait status. 
Click Here for CDC Resource website


2)    Schedule an appointment with your family physician to have the
        Sickle Cell Trait testing done.

        NOTE:  This test needs to be in the form of a blood test. 

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