Sports Medicine Student Employment

We are not currently looking to fill several student employment positions for this academic year (2019-20).

For those who may be interested in employment in the Sports Medicine program NOW and in the future, please read below to gain a better understanding of the position.

The student sports medicine assistants at Kutztown University serve as an invaluable resource to the Sports Medicine program. Students work with our professional staff to provide the highest quality of care for Kutztown University athletes.

Students are hired for an initial 30-day probation period, which includes completing certain professional skill requirements, including several mandatory training sessions. Once completed, it will be determined whether the student has the requisite abilities to continue working in our program. Students may then advance through their next skill level and should be able to do this by the end of their first year. Once this level is completed, students will be eligible for a pay raise.

In addition to weekly scheduled work times, students may work during weekends and several holidays. Typical hours of work are between 1pm-7pm, Monday -Friday, so students with classes primarily in the afternoon will have difficulty getting hours. This position may also require some travel, mandatory attendance during preseason fall camp (usually 2+ weeks prior to the start of the fall semester, including weekends), and work during the fall season (6-15+ hours/week, including Saturdays), winter season (6-12 hours/week, may include games at night & weekends), and spring season (8-15+ hours/week, includes some Saturdays). You will be required to become certified in both First Aid & Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation & AED (CPR/AED) within your first four months of employment. This position requires dependable attendance and satisfactory academic progress (2.5 GPA).

During fall camp, the professional staff reviews program policies & procedures changes and emergency procedures.

If you have a sincere interest in becoming a KU student athletic trainer assistant, please complete the forms below and submit to Brandon Nolt, Athletic Trainer, and alert him of your interest. We are looking for students who are responsible, hard-working, willing to learn, and enthusiastic. We also look for students who have a desire to help people. Prior experience as either a high school student athletic training assistant or athlete is helpful. You will make friendships, gain a basic understanding of the medical field, receive a sense of accomplishment, and have a front row seat to athletic events. This is not an easy work-study job, and application should not be taken lightly. Please, only serious inquiries need to apply.

Please download/print the following forms and return them to:

Brandon Nolt, Athletic Trainer 
Keystone Hall, Sports Medicine, Room 124C