Perkins Loan Exit Interview / Repayment

Effective Sept 30, 2017 - this loan program "sunset".  The final disbursements occurred in Spring 2018. 

UPDATE May 2022

The Perkins Loan program is being liquidated and the Department of Education will be taking over all loans that are in current repayment, forbearance or deferment, as well as the collection of defaulted loans.  All loan holders will be contacted directly regarding this matter.  All correspondence regarding these loans and their status will be with the Dept of Ed only, eliminating the relationship with Kutztown University on these loans by July 1.

Federal Perkins Loans were defined as "A low interest educational loan funded by the Federal Government and administered by the school. Limited to students with high financial need who meet the institution's filing deadline."


Kutztown University uses a company called ECSI (formerly Campus Partners) as their Perkins loan agent.  ECSI handles all of the federal requirements (Exit Interviews) and monthly payments.  The conversion to ECSI occurred early May 2019.  All borrowers received communications from ECSI with a Heartland key to access their website in order to setup a profile and make monthly payments.  We encourage setting up automatic payments to avoid delinquency and late fees.

ECSI is also the agent the Department of Education uses for their repayments etc, so you will continue to see this name even when Kutztown University is no longer a part of the relationship.

Some students are making monthly payments to one of our collection agencies, not ECSI.  Continue those payments with them.  Williams & Fudge & General Revenue Corporation are our two current agencies for delinquent Perkins Loan repayments.

Setup your profile with ECSI here.

Heartland / ECSI - 1.888.549.3274

Perkins Loan Liquidated Status

This means that the loan is no longer owned or maintained by Kutztown University and the ownership of the debt is now the Department of Education.  The borrower will now work with them on repayment, deferment, forbearance or consolidation.

Perkins Loan Assigned Status

This means that after several attempts at collections by us, our agent and our agencies, we were unsuccessful in setting up a monthly payment arrangement or receiving payment on the loan in full.  This loan has been turned over to the Department of Education for collection now.