This page deals with refunds from overpayments. If you are seeking information on withdrawing from KU, consult our withdrawal section.

bankmobile disbursements

Our Refund Company is BankMobile Disbursements - you may receive emails or communications from them as a valid partner of KU.

Some items to note:

  1. Student Refund choices are done at This is where the student chooses how they want to get their refunds from KU.
  2. Refund choices are maintained at, students can change their refund choice at any time!
  3. Direct Deposit to an existing bank account is a choice!
  4. BankMobile Vibe is also a bank account choice if a student doesn't already have a bank account.  It includes FREE ATM access at all ALLPOINT network ATM machines across the country and internationally! Allpoint Network of machines
  5. Parent Refunds - Overpayments that are a direct result of a disbursed Parent Loan, are refunded to the parent via a paper check mailed through BankMobile.  Parents on their loan applications choose if they want refunds to go to them or the student.  We cannot preselect or choose what aid comes in first or pays what charges. Having a parent loan does not mean a refund would definitely go to a parent.  Parents can elect, after the loan application but before the refund is released, to allow a refund to go to the student by completing a Parent Refund Release Form.  This can be completed online, but needs to be printed to sign.  Scan and email completed request.

Overpayment refunds are not released until after Financial Aid has begun to release financial aid and only after the Drop/Add period and Attendance has been processed for the semester or session. This will only occur once the account is actually overpaid with disbursed funds (your scheduled disbursement date is listed in your Financial Aid Award summary), not pending aid or payments. Please plan accordingly for expenses, such as books, at the beginning of the term or session.

  • What is this green envelope we got in the mail and do I need it?

    Yes! This envelope contains a personal code you need to log into to choose HOW you want refunds if you are ever issued one at KU.  Even if you don't expect a refund now - please make a choice today since you never know what the future holds.

  • How do I make a refund choice?

    Students are mailed a bright green envelope containing a personal code when they first enroll at KU.  This personal code is used to access the refund program selection page ( where the student can make a choice of HOW they want refunds, should they ever be issued one at Kutztown University. We encourage a selection even if you don't anticipate a refund. There are TWO options, see below.

  • If I am expecting a Refund - when will I get it?

    Refunds are typically processed twice a week throughout the year.  At the beginning of a semester or session we may process more frequently.

    Aid will not disburse, causing overpayments, until the 3rd week of each semester.  Please plan accordingly for off-campus rent needs, or book expenses, etc.

  • What are the refund choices exactly?

    You will need the personal code issued to you in the mailing, or from one of the Student Accounts representatives in order to log into and make your refund choice. You may change your refund preference at any time!

    1. Deposit into a bank account of your choice - checking or savings.
      • You will need your bank account information (routing and account numbers)
      • Availability of funds - 2-3 business days (depending on the receiving bank)
      • Notification method - email or text message
    2. Deposit into a Bank Mobile Vibe Account For this option you would be mailed a refund card for access to the funds. This is an FDIC insured account.  The site to monitor your account is
      • It is a declining balance debit card only worth what is added to the account.
      • Availability of funds - same day funds are released by Kutztown University
      • Notification method - email or text message
      • Withdrawals can be made at any ALLPOINT ATM for FREE - max per day is $500.00. Fees may apply at other ATM's.
      • You can order checks for this account - do so now to pay landlords and other needed college expenses.
  • I never made a refund choice, I have a refund now and the green envelope is LONG gone - what can I do?

    Personal Code Release / Re-issue:

    • NEW KU students joining the Golden Bear family are mailed personal codes before the semester starts and only when the student is registered.  They are mailed to the HOME address.  This code is needed to log in and make a refund selection from three options at
    • Re-issue requests (new code requests) are handled in two different ways. If the refund account is:
      • Inactive (no preference is chosen ever before) - the student should email the Office of Student Accounts from their KU email account requesting a replacement personal code.  The replacement personal code will be emailed to the KU email account and will only be valid for 24 hours.
      • Active and the student wants to make a change and can't access the site, or wants a replacement card if that was the option they chose, the student will call Bank Mobile directly at 1-866-730-6627 for assistance.
  • ATM Access if you chose the Bank Mobile Vibe account (or have the previous Golden Bear Debit Card)

    In compliance with the new Federal Cash Management regulations governing the refunding of federal funds to students, BankMobile VIBE account holders (previously Golden Bear Debit Card holders) can now access their funds FREE of charge at any ALLPOINT network ATM.  Local locations include Giant Grocery Store and CVS.  KU no longer is required to supply a unit on campus for this purpose and we have removed the Higher One unit in the South Dining Hall and the Higher One unit in the Student Union Building that you previously used.  To still afford students an on-campus free opportunity to access these funds, we have added a Cardtronics ATM located where the old Higher One unit was in the student union building so that there is a location on campus.  Hours of access will be limited the Student Union hours of operation.  Having and maintaining a unit like this is NOT required with the new federal regulations, we elected to do this to help our students.

 To view our institution's contract with BankMobile, a Division of Customer Bank, click here