• Am I ready to meet with the committee and apply to Medical/Vet/Dental school?

    This question is difficult to answer. Before you start the application process, you should carefully ask yourself the following questions: Is my GPA competitive? Is my standardized exam score competitive? Have I completed a formal internship and/or gained a considerable number of shadowing hours? Have my activities demonstrated effective leadership? Can I effectively articulate my motivations for joining my desired profession?

    If you answered yes to all of the above questions, then you are likely ready to begin the Premedical Committee review process. If not, we recommend meeting informally with the committee chairs to discuss ways to strengthen your package before you begin the committee review process.

  • Do I have to be a Biology: PreMed major to go to medical school?

    No. Medical schools will consider applications regardless of major as long as you have completed the required coursework; however, a strong background in the sciences is essential. Additionally, Biological Sciences is one of the four sections of the MCAT exam. Therefore it makes sense for many students to be a major in Biology. That being said, Medical schools are looking for well-rounded students, so dedication to scholarly achievement outside of the sciences is also very important. If you have a passion for other disciplines (e.g. music), but still want to be a physician, we encourage you to pursue those interests.

    Note: Most professional schools have a specific set of required courses that is needed for admission. This set of coursework often varies by profession and by school. For more information on the prerequisite coursework for your desired profession, contact the program coordinators or visit the professional school organization page of interest

  • Do I need to meet with the Premedical/Health Careers Committee to apply to a Health Professional School?

    If you are applying to any Medical, Dental, or Veterinary school, you are essentially required to interview with the committee and submit a committee letter of recommendation. While some professional schools may review your application without a committee letter, many will not. Moreover, schools that accept your application will question why you avoided the committee review process and will be more critical of your application during their evaluation process.

    If you are applying to other health professional schools (e.g. optometry, physical therapy, nursing, etc.), in most cases, you will not need to seek a committee letter; however, you should always verify this with the University to which you plan to apply.

  • Does Kutztown have any professional school affiliations?

    Yes. Kutztown University is currently affiliated with the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine and the St. Christopher's Hospital for Children's Medical Lab Science Program. The university continues to actively pursue affiliations with other institutions.

  • Does Kutztown University charge for premedical advising or committee letters of recommendation?

    No. While some Universities charge students a fee for advising services related to the application process and/or committee letters of recommendation, Kutztown provides these services for free.

  • What percentage of Kutztown's Premedical students are accepted into medical school?

    Kutztown students have been very successful in gaining acceptance to professional schools. Over the last five years all of our competitive applicants* have been accepted into medical school.

    *Kutztown University defines competitive applicants as having a GPA ≥ 3.4 and a MCAT score of  ≥ 26.

    Kutztown Applicants (All) vs. National Average:

    Kutztown's 5-year average MCAT score of Medical School applicants (All) = 26.4
    1National Average MCAT score of Medical School applicants = 27.8

     Kutztown's 5-year average BCPM GPA of Medical School applicants (All) = 3.36
    1National average science GPA of Medical School applicants = 3.45

      1Source: AAMC 17 Nov 2014

  • What standardized exam do I need to take?

    Medical School - MCAT
    Dental School - DAT
    Veterinary School - GRE, some schools accept MCAT

    Note: Always check with the schools where you intend to apply.