Earth Science at KU

Kutztown University has several degree options for students interested in earth science and the natural world.

  • Geology

    Geology is a broad interdisciplinary science that involves the study of Earth and its history. Geologists gather and interpret data about the Earth for the purpose of increasing our knowledge about natural resources and Earth processes. They provide basic information required for establishing policy for resource management and environmental protection. Geologists may explore for new mineral or oil resources, work on environmental problems, do research, or teach and often divide their time between work in the field, the laboratory, and the office.

    The Bachelor of Science in Geology program at KU was designed to prepare students with enough fundamental understanding of geology to succeed in graduate school, and to provide the practical field experience needed to succeed as career geologists.

    Course requirements parallel the subjects on the Professional Geologist licensing exam.

    Employers recommend one or more internships to be successful and competitive when entering this field.

    Learn more from the Geology Program Website!

  • Environmental Science

    The Bachelor of Science program in Environmental Science provides specialized training to prepare students to obtain employment as environmental scientists or for graduate studies in the natural or environmental sciences. The Environmental Science Program is an interdisciplinary program with a curriculum that is designed to provide students the opportunity to specialize in biology, chemistry, geography, or geology.

    Students in the Environmental Science Program are encouraged to pursue internships for course credit and to conduct research projects using the specialized facilities and equipment available at KU.

    Employers recommend one or more internships to be successful and competitive when entering this field.

    Kutztown University offers the following environmental science tracks: Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Geology, and Regenerative Agriculture

    Learn more from the Environmental Science Website!

  • Marine Science

    Marine science is a multidisciplinary approach to studying the nature of the oceans. Marine scientists must be expert at biology, chemistry, geology, and physics so they can see how the living creatures are affected by the chemistry of their environment and the physics of ocean circulation. The geology of the ocean floors affects the chemistry/physics/biology of the oceans, and geological phenomena record ancient oceanic conditions. A true marine scientist can synthesize concepts from all of these disciplines with this holistic approach to science. The Marine Science degree at Kutztown University is designed to prepare students for life as a multidisciplinary scientist. Marine scientists are also simultaneously generalists and specialists.

    The Marine Science degree at Kutztown University offers a choice of two specializations called
    tracks: Oceanography Track for students who wish to primarily explore questions about the chemistry, physics, and geology of the oceans, and Biology Track for students who want to look at how marine life interacts with its environment.

    Learn more from the Marine Science Program Website!

  • Geography

    Geography is the study of the interrelationships between the earth and its people. As both a social and natural science, geography focuses on climate, land, water, space, mineral resources, population, changes in the environment, and how people adapt to them. Numerous tools and techniques are employed in geographic research including cartography (the art and science of
    map making and use), geographic information systems (GIS), satellite imagery and air photo interpretation, surveys, mathematical modeling, and statistical analysis.

    Graduates can find employment in business, government agencies, research, management, non-profits, and education fields.

    Employers recommend one or more internships to be successful and competitive when entering this field.

    Kutztown University offers the following tracks in Geography: Environmental, General, Globalization, Planning, and Environmental Science/Geography

    Learn more from the Geography Program Website!