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The diverse discipline of geography exposes students to the multitude of ways in which geographers study the world. Geographers study human-environment interactions and their spatially varying expression. Numerous tools and techniques are employed in geographic research including cartography (the art and science of map-making and use), geographic information systems (GIS), satellite imagery and air photo interpretation, surveys, and mathematical modeling and statistical analysis.

Cultural Geography Minor
New Minor in Cultural Geography

Beginning Fall 2022, the Department of Geography will offer a new minor in Cultural Geography.  The 18-credit minor includes GEG 020: Cultural Geography and GEG 101: World Regional Geography as required courses.  Minors will then take one course each from Cultural Geography, Economic Geography, and Regional Geography categories.  An additional elective course will be selected from one of the above categories.

If interested in the new minor in Cultural Geography, please visit the Geography Department Office to add the minor to your academic program.

Certificate in Geospatial Information Technology

Effective Spring 2020, the Department of Geography offers a Sub-Baccalaureate Certificate in Geospatial Information Technology (click here for details).

Currently enrolled students interested in adding the certificate to their academic programs must come to the Geography Department Office to complete the required form.

Recent graduates (with at least one of the required courses yet to take) may return to complete the GIT Certificate by enrolling under Professional Credit Status through Graduate Admissions.

Don't miss this great opportunity to add the GIT Certificate to your resume. 

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Geography is the study of earth as the home of people.

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