Internships In Geography


GEG 394 Internship in Geography is a requirement of the Environmental and Planning tracks of the B.A. Geography major, and of the Geography track of the B.S. Environmental Science major.  The requirements of GEG 394 are as follows:

  • Junior or Senior status,
  • A minimum of 24 credit hours in Geography,
  • 2.5 or higher cumulative GPA in Geography as of the semester or summer session prior to registering for the internship;
  • Permission of the Department of Geography (through an application process).

B.A. Geography internships must be a minimum of 180 hours to qualify for the required 3 credits of academic work.  B.S. Env. Sci. - Geography internships may range from 150 to 180 hours for 2 or 3 credits respectively (the needed number of credits should be determined with an academic advisor).

GEG 394 Internship in Geography is an academic course and must be registered and paid for.  Students contemplating taking GEG 394 should contact their academic advisor or the Department Chair to discuss the application process well before the anticipated beginning date of the internship.  An internship hosting agreement between PASSHE and the hosting organization must be in place prior to commencing the internship.

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Preliminary Steps

Students must consult with an academic advisor prior to beginning this process.

  1. At the Career Development Center
    • Prepare a draft resume for your faculty advisor to approve.
    • Go through the CDC's mock interview process.
  2. Finding an Internship
    • Check with the department secretary to see the current listing of approved internship hosting companies/groups/organizations. Internships may only be done for academic credit with organizations approved by the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.
      Secure Link For Faculty Advisors: Current Site Agreement List
    • View the Recent Internships listing below and the Alumni Contacts page for examples of recently completed internships.
    • Visit the Commonwealth of PA Internships site and search under Geographer, GIS Analyst or GIS Technician.
    • Visit your local borough or township hall and ask about the possibility of interning with them.
    • Take advantage of personal contacts. Perhaps you can use personal contacts to get an introduction at a company or organization.
    • Check your KU e-mail.  Internship announcements will be e-mailed to majors by the Department of Geography as they are received.
  3. Securing an Internship Site Agreement
    • If your potential internship organization already has approved status, proceed to the Internship Application step. If your potential internship organization is not already approved, the department secretary will need to send a request to the Provost's Office to have an agreement form sent to the organization. For this process, you will need to provide the department secretary with contact information for the hosting organization. The approval step may take several weeks, so this must to be done early in the process.
Internship Application Form

(Yellow form available from the faculty advisor)

Page 1 of the Internship Application Form requires the following information:

  • Name of the intern and dates of the internship
  • KU Advisor/Instructor's name
  • Organization name
  • Name and contact information for the person overseeing the intern (Site Supervisor)
  • Information to be supplied by the Site Supervisor:
    • A complete description of the duties of the intern
    • Hours to be worked
    • Any remuneration
    • Signature on page 2

Page 2 of the Internship Application Form requires the following information:

  • Signatures
    • Employer/Site Supervisor
    • Student Intern
    • Advisor/Instructor
    • Geography Department Chair
    • Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Click HERE for a sample Internship Application Form.

Application Expenses
If a potential hosting organization requires background checks and/or drug tests as part of the internship application process, but will not pay for them, the student may apply for a Babb Internship Expense Award through the Department of Geography.

Internship Request Form

(Goldenrod form available from the Geography Department Office)

The student intern must register for GEG 394 Internship in Geography using the Internship Request Form prior to commencing the internship in order to qualify for academic credit. This form should be completed and signed by the student under the guidance of the Advisor/Instructor.

The following set of additional signatures is required to complete the form:

  • Advisor/Instructor
  • Geography Department Chair
  • Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The completed Internship Request Form is delivered by the College Office to the Registrar's Office allowing the student to register for the course. As with any KU course, the student intern is expected to pay the applicable registration fees. Failure to complete this step means that academic credit cannot be given for the internship experience.

Click HERE for a sample Internship Request Form.

Employer Evaluation Form

(Green form available from the Advisor/Instructor)

Toward the mid-point of the internship period, either the Advisor/Instructor or the Department Secretary will send a PDF version of the Employer Evaluation Form to the Site Supervisor.

The Employer Evaluation Form is to be completed at the end of the internship period by the Site Supervisor. The completed form must then be returned to the Department of Geography either through the mail, or via email as a scanned image or a digitally signed PDF. The form will be forwarded to the Advisor/Instructor and a copy held in the Department. Note: Although the completed form should not be given to the student intern for return to the Department of Geography, the student intern is welcome to discuss the Employer Evaluation form with the Advisor/Instructor.

Information from the Employer Evaluation Form will be used as part of the Advisor/Instructor's evaluation process of the student intern's performance as described on the Internship Application (Yellow) form. The Advisor/Instructor may not turn in a course grade without having received this form.

Click HERE for a sample Employer Evaluation Form.

Recent Internships

Babcock and Wilcox Company
Hatfield, PA 
• Energy site air quality monitoring and analysis

BEI Engineering
Wyomissing, PA 
• Traffic engineering using CAD

Berks Nature
Reading, PA
• Educational outreach
• GIS mapping

Blue Marsh Lake (U. S. Army Corps. of Engineers)
Leesport, PA
• Park Ranger
• GIS Analyst

Borough of Emmaus
Emmaus, PA
• GPA field data collection
• GIS feature class creation and Mapping
•Borough Council presentation

Borough of Lansdale
Lansdale, PA 
•Develop and implement municipal GIS
• Field data collection
• Feature digitizing from air photos

Boswell Engineering
South Hackensack, NJ 
• Collection of soil and groundwater samples
• Evaluate lab results to NJDEP standards
• Project area and sampling area maps in GIS

Cape May County Planning Department
Cape May Court House, NJ 
• GPS field data collection
• Database entry and management
• GIS mapping

City of Reading Waste Water Treatment Plant
Reading PA
• Lab Technician, GPS field data collection, GIS

Harvest Hill Farm
Walden, VT
• Application of agricultural techniques

Hawk Mountain Bird Sanctuary
Orwigsburg, PA 
• GIS mapping of Turkey Vulture migration paths.

Lancaster County Government Office
Lancaster, PA 
• GPS feature location
• GIS feature class editing

Lower Macungie Township
Macungie, PA 
• Fieldwork and GIS mapping
• Walkability audit using GIS

Philadelphia, PA 
• Fieldwork and GIS mapping

Schuylkill County Municipal Authority
Pottsville, PA
• Fieldwork and GIS mapping

Thylan Associates
Fishkill, NY 
• Real Estate site documentation
• Assist planners
• Site plan review
• Attend planning meetings

National Park Service-Delaware Water Gap NRA
Milford, PA
• GPS field data collection
• Park atlas map updating/creating in GIS
• Report writing and presentations

The Nature Conservancy
West Depford, NJ
• Environmental background research for management plans for three nature preserve locations

Tilden Township
Hamburg, PA 
• GIS mapping of township assets

Upper Milford Township
Old Zionsville, PA
• Applications of GIS to land use planning

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Leesport, PA
• Blue Marsh Lake
• Park Ranger
• GIS invasive species inventory

Wildlands Conservancy
Emmaus, PA 
•Preparation and presentation of lessons on animal care and environmental stewardship