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Geospatial Information Technology Certificate

New Opportunity

The purpose of the certificate is to recognize and address the growing importance of skills in geospatial information technology to jobs in government, business, and industry. Governments (at virtually all levels) are tasked with keeping up to date spatial information on the populations and infrastructure within their jurisdictions. At the federal level, geospatial information is critical to efforts at homeland security. Regulated industries like telecommunications, transportation, and utilities are all large employers of people with geospatial information technology backgrounds. Commercial enterprises are increasingly adopting geospatial information technologies for market analysis and distribution. Overall, the geospatial information technology market is growing at 35% per year with the commercial market growing at an astounding 100% per year (US Dept. of Labor).

While the theories and principles underlying geospatial information technology are rooted in geography, students and working professionals in the environmental sciences, computer science, social sciences, business and marketing, planning, and criminal justice can increase their competitiveness in the job market by gaining the skills represented by this certificate. This broad appeal is expected to draw students from all across campus, and working professionals from the surrounding community.

Academic Requirements

To earn the certificate in Geospatial Information Technology (GIT) through the Kutztown University Department of Geography, students must complete 12 semester hours (sh) from the following set of courses:

  • GEG 274 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems & lab (3 sh)
  • GEG 330 Cartography (3 sh)
  • GEG 333 Advanced Geographic Information Systems (3 sh)
  • GEG 347 Remote Sensing of the Environment & lab (3 sh)

Since the required courses are offered on a regular basis, students pursuing the certificate may expect to complete the coursework in a as few as two semesters. To be awarded the certificate, registered students must earn a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher in these courses. No course will be accepted toward the completion of the certificate if the grade is below C.  Click here to view the GIT Certificate check sheet.

Transfer Credit

Transfer courses will not be automatically accepted for the Certificate. A student seeking to have up to two transfer courses count toward the Certificate must submit a portfolio of relevant coursework for evaluation by the GIS, Cartography, and Remote Sensing faculty of the Kutztown University Department of Geography. Click here for the Portfolio Evaluation Form.

Enrollment Requirement

Currently enrolled students seeking to earn the GIT Certificate must be enrolled at Kutztown University either in a degree program, or in continuing education, and they must visit the Department of Geography to officially add the Certificate to their academic program.

Recent graduates with at least one of the required courses yet to complete, or members of the community, may register to complete the GIT Certificate by enrolling under Professional Credit Status through Graduate Admissions.

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