About Us

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Flexible Degrees

We invite you to explore the diverse, innovative, and dynamic curriculum in the Communication Studies department. We offer a B.A. in Communication Studies and an 18-credit COM minor. We also offer a B.S. in Social Media Theory & Strategy (SMS) as well as a minor in Performance and Storytelling. As of Spring 2019, we now offer an 18-credit SMS minor. The SMS program draws upon curriculum in the Humanities, Business, and Communication Studies, so students specialize in social media strategy and prepare for jobs in cutting-edge, rapidly growing industries. Communication Studies includes areas in media studies, interpersonal communication, strategic communication, performance studies, and rhetoric and civic engagement.

Our Communication Studies program has a 12-credit core curriculum and it provides students with the flexibility to take 30-credit hours in their area(s) of interest. We encourage students to earn a minor with the 36-credits of open electives available. Whatever the area(s) of specific interest, Communication Studies majors will be prepared for graduate school or the job market in a wide variety of disciplines and industries. They will be effective communicators who are equipped with the skills all employers are looking for.

Diverse Faculty

Whether you are interested in improving your public speaking skills or adapting literature for stage or screen, whether you want to learn to captivate a large audience or understand how people communicate in families and intimate relationships, whether you want to know how to use new technology to spread your public relations message or conduct research in health communication, the faculty are here to help you understand how communication works and apply this knowledge to your personal and professional goals. Our faculty's research deals with various areas of communication and is included in books, journals and nationally recognized conferences such as the National Communication Association Convention and International Communication Association.