Temporary Accommodations

Temporary Impairments

Kutztown University recognizes that temporary impairments or injuries may adversely affect a student's ability to get around campus and fully participate in class and student life. 

Depending on the nature of the impairment (e.g. broken limb, head injury/concussion), the student may be eligible to receive some temporary accommodations. To request accommodations, fill out the Accommodation Request Form at this link. Follow the instructions for completing and submitting the documentation to the DSO. Familiarity with the accommodation request guidelines and procedures will help to prevent unnecessary delays in the process.  The DSO will notify the student to schedule an accommodation plan meeting, once the documents have been received and accepted. Through this interactive process, an individualized accommodation plan will be developed.  

Please contact our office at 610-683-4108 if you have any questions or need this information in an alternate format

Tips for Students with Temporary Mobility Impairments
  1. The Campus Accessibility Map highlights accessible walkways and building entrances. These building entrances have ramps (or no steps) and most have electronic door openers that may be helpful. The ADA walkways are the first to be cleared in a snow event. 

  2. The campus shuttle is ADA accessible and runs between the hours of 7:30 am and 3:30 pm Monday-Friday when the university is in session. Using the shuttle may ease your travel during your recovery. You can track the shuttle schedule by downloading the "Ride Systems" app from the App Store or Google Play (search for "Ride Systems"). Once installed, select "Kutztown University" and check the locations of the campus shuttle buses along with their estimated times of arrival.  The campus shuttle is ADA accessible. 

  3. For some students, a scooter or motorized wheelchair is helpful in getting around campus. Please discuss this option with your healthcare provider. Please note: Kutztown University does not provide personal mobility devices including wheelchairs or wheelchair assistance. Wheelchair and mobility devices can be rented from medical supply companies for short-term use.  Please consider the terrain of the campus when deciding on the best mobility device for you.

  4. Parking and Transportation Services (Academic Forum 107) is responsible for reviewing requests and issuing a temporary medical permit which allows for special parking privileges. Students need to present a written recommendation from a physician. If special parking is needed for more than 2 weeks, the individual must submit a request to the State of Pennsylvania for a handicap placard/plate. 

  5. Talk with your professors regarding concerns and discuss ways to minimize the impact of your injury/recovery on your academic work. Work collaboratively with your professors particularly where you have back-to-back classes, so you are not always tardy for the same class. For example, try to work out a schedule where you leave your first class a little early one day a week and arrive late at your second class one day a week. Work with your professor directly to make up any missed assignments or exams.  You may request temporary accommodations by registering with the Disability Services Office. 
  6. If you need help navigating a campus dining facility, please ask a dining hall staff member for assistance.