Honors Academics

The Honors Program at Kutztown University holds its students to a high caliber of academic expectations. Students are expected to maintain a minimum of cumulative GPA (CGPA) of 3.25 and make their academics a priority as an undergraduate student. Honors students satisfactorily (with a final grade of "B" or better) complete 21 credits of Honors coursework, which usually equates to 7 classes. A variety of classes are offered each semester and the average Honors student takes 1-2 classes per semester in order to reach their requirement in a timely manner. These courses have a small-classroom environment with enthusiastic professors who can take a more in-depth approach to the material.


Many students ask if Honors classes are "harder" than regular classes. Honors classes are meant to challenge the student, provide different perspectives, and engage them in the texts of the class. Honors Professors elect to teach their classes in different ways, sometimes using discussion, research, or class projects. 


Ways to Achieve Honors Credit:

  • Honors Classes

    Each semester, a list of Honors-only courses, dual-enrollment courses (courses with Honors and non-Honors students), and invitation-only Honors classes gets sent out to students.

  • Courses-by-Contract

    Honors students have the opportunity to make a regular course count for Honors credit. This involves creating a learning contract between the professor of the course and the student to work out what creative or alternative assignment the Honors student will complete. The courses-by-contract should propel the Honors student into their Capstone Projects and explore ideas that may inspire their work.

    Students who enter the Honors Program as freshmen are given two courses-by-contract.

    Students who enter the Honors Program as transfers are given three courses-by-contract.

  • Independent Study

    Honors students have the opportunity to take up to six credits of Independent Study toward their Capstone Project requirement. Honors Independent Studies are 398 and 395, but not all majors offer those two classes. If a student's major does not, they can meet with the Honors Program Director to ensure that they will receive Honors credit! 

  • Internship

    Honors students have the opportunity to receive three Honors credits for an internship if they choose to complete one through their major. The internship concentration should be related to the topic of the student's Capstone Project in some way. Students will work with their KU Professor, On-Site Internship Advisor, and the Honors Program Director to create an Internship Learning Contract.

  • Study Abroad

    The Kutztown University Honors program credits study abroad because it represents potent experiential learning, a keystone of our philosophy. Honors Study Abroad is an opportunity for Honors students to explore the world, develop their interests, expand their horizons, and gain valuable life experience that can lift their education to new heights.