KU is excited to offer Merit Scholarships for eligible incoming students. In addition to Merit Scholarships, incoming Honors freshmen are eligible for the Sesquicentennial Academic Honors Scholarship (SAHS). Students with a 3.50 cumulative high school GPA and a minimum 1410 SAT or 31 ACT are eligible. 

Sesquicentennial Academic Honors Scholarship (SAHS): The student will receive $7,000 per year for four years as long as the student participates in the Honors Program, lives on campus for the first three years, and completes a minimum of 30 credits per year. The SAHS and Merit Scholarships are awarded and announced in your Admissions material.

Study Abroad: 30 completed KU credits, in good stading with honors program, $1,000 per year.

Information about Honors scholarship opportunities will be made available as they arise.