Honors Program Courses

The courses listed below will be offered by the Kutztown University Honors Program for the spring 2024 Semester!

Honors Only Courses: 

CMP 201 019H Research and Composition  

Arnold MW 15:00-16:15 LY108 

(2921 regular section #) restricted to Honors and HIS majors/minors and Sec Ed Social Studies and permission. (CAP OF 25) 


CMP 201 029H Research and Composition  

Arnold MWF 16:30-17:45 LY109 

(2988 regular section #) restricted to Honors and HIS majors/minors and Sec Ed Social Studies and permission. (CAP OF 25) 

Research and writing are crucial parts of success in practically every phase of life. Dr. Arnold is an extraordinary professor. He has designed his CMP 201 with Honors students in mind. Essentially, the entire course is built around laying foundations for your capstone. Make that project easier for yourself by taking this class and getting a head start.   


The sections below are DUAL ENROLLMENT COURSES that include  
Honors Students and Traditional Students: 

If you are selecting a dual enrollment course, please select the  
Honors section (019H). 



ANT 145 019H Ant of Fraud & Fantastic Claims  

Newlander TH 12:00-13:15 OM299 

(1797 regular section #) (10 seats) 

Bigfoot! Aliens! The Lochness Monster! ANT145 takes up pseudoscientific claims and pursues alternative explanations to these phenomena. Dr. Newlander will challenge your critical thinking skills while tackling those questions that capture our imaginations.   


ARH 026 019H Art History C: 1850-TODAY  

Haxall TH 12:00-13:15 SH123 

(2346) (10 seats) 

If you are interested in the effects of art on culture, society, philosophy, or politics, then ARH26 is for you! Explore the development of art worldwide as it applied to more modern scenarios and events. This class is designed to get students thinking about art in a multi-media environment to be able to effectively apply course concepts to everyday life.  


CDE 220 019H Print Media Production  

Meloney MWF 10:00-11:50 

(2345) (5 seats) 

All artists (and many other professions) need grounding in print media.  Vicki Meloney is a wonderful professor to work with and will help you to transition your ideas on paper. This blended class combines process and product to move you beyond the basics to make your visuals pop.     

CDE 231 029H Advanced Typography  

Bosler TH 8:00-10:45 TBA 

(2346) (5 seats) 

CDE231 is designed to further develop students’ visual communication skills. Get ready for an engaging, hands-on course designed to help students effectively assess their intended audience and organizational methods to meet the informational delivery needs of their consumers.  


ENG 105 019H Experiences in American Literature  

Vogel TH 09:30-10:45 TBA 

(2688 regular section #) restricted to Honors and following majors/minors: ENG, WRI, PRS, SEU, Lit, Writing, and permission. (15 seats) 

ENG105 explores the stories Americans have been telling themselves about themselves throughout history. Dr. Vogel is a strong force in our Honors program and invites students into critical dialogue about the American narrative.   


MAT 045 019H Women in Mathematics  

McQuaid MWF 11:00-11:50 LY120 

(1594 regular section #) (12 seats) 

Historically, Mathematics has been a field prejudicially dominated by white men. In MAT45, students will study the contributions that women and minorities have had on mathematics as a discipline. Students interested in studies of gender and multiculturalism will enjoy applying these ideas as it relates to practicing mathematical principles. Dr. McQuaid is a beloved teacher, and this course fulfills an important General Education requirement.  


MKT 210 049H Principles of Marketing  

TBD MWF 1:00-1:50 TBA  


Students interested in leadership opportunities within the field of marketing will benefit heavily from MKT210. This class places an emphasis on planning, decision-making, and social responsibility in the world of managerial marketing.  


PSY 202 019H Psychology of Personality  

Akillas MW 15:00-16:15 OM288 

(1971 regular section #) (12 seats) 

Dive into the world of personality theories and development with Dr. Akillas while being challenged to analyze the world we share more thoroughly and learn ways to overcome snap judgments we often make on others. By the end of the course, students should also have a better understanding of themselves and their own journeys as it relates to their personality and behaviors.  


SOC 235 019H Sociology of Gender  

Crockett TH 13:30-14:45 OM278 

(1684 regular section #) restricted to SOC majors and minors, Sec Ed Social Studies, WGS minors, and permission.  (15 seats) 

Gender differences have dominated cultural norms since the beginning of humankind. Join Dr. Crockett in questioning the foundations and effects of gender in our lives. Despite being a professor of Sociology, Dr.Crockett is also well known among the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studied departments and possesses very throughout knowledge of the material to aid students’ understanding.   



The sections below must be signed up for in the Computer Science Department: 

CSC 354 019H Software Engineering I  

Donna DeMarco MWF 10:00-10:50 TBA 


Part I in a two-part class series, CSC354 is designed to get students working in groups to apply their knowledge of computer science and information technology skills to create a project centered around their own interests, needs, and goals. Explore the design process as it applies to the field in the real world. Consider this a gateway to designing a capstone in the field of computer science.  

CSC 355 819H Software Engineering II  

Dylan Schwesinger MWF 10:00-10:50 TBA 


A continuation of CSC354, CSC355 further develops students’ skills and abilities to apply knowledge gained to their professional goals. Consider how this class may aid in the development of your capstone project and the skills needed for your professional future. 



The section below is by INVITATION ONLY: 

FIN 375 319H Applied Investment Management  

Peter Roland T 6:00-8:50 TBA 


FIN375 is designed to get students thinking about how to apply research to the field of finance. Working together in small groups led by faculty, students will get the opportunity to manage a portfolio of stocks and bonds while applying their previous knowledge and skills to the task. This class is a great addition to a professional resume for relevant/related jobs in the world of finance.