Art Galleries

In the MSU, there are three galleries where students can show their artwork of all mediums; The Bear's Den Gallery, Brass Rail Gallery, and Corner Gallery

Bear's Den Gallery

Located in the back left of the Bear's Den by Starbucks, this gallery features a regular rotation of student and/or campus community shows. The Bear's Den Gallery was established as a way to showcase the talent of KU's student artists and to enhance the coffeehouse experience. Our goal is to give students insight and experience with showing artwork in galleries. Artists begin by applying, and if selected, receive a two-week exhibition with a catered opening reception. The Bear's Den Gallery welcomes artists working in any and all media.

Brass Rail Gallery

The Brass Rail Gallery also showcases student artworks on a bi-weekly basis. The space is located directly across from Starbucks. The process of applying and showing on the Brass Rail is the same as the Gallery. However, this space is set up differently and has its own atmosphere. The Brass Rail is in a prime location for artwork to be viewed because it is in a high traffic area of the building.

Corner Gallery 

This niche style gallery opened during the spring 2013 semester. The Corner Gallery is designed to provide young artists with 3-5 pieces to showcase a few of their highest quality pieces of art. The goal is to encourage students to showcase their work and gain the input of fellow artists, students, faculty, staff, and guests to enable them to foster their love of art and enhance their skills. The corner gallery is a small niche adjacent to the picture window and seat that overlook the MSU parking area. The process of applying and showing student work is the same as the other galleries. Students are encouraged to submit their work and begin learning the processes of planning to submit to art exhibits.

For more information on the art galleries check out Kutztown's Gallery page here.

Contact Gallery Coordinator Staff

Karen Stanford
Phone: 610-683-4500


208a Office (in Miller Gallery) Sharadin Art 
Kutztown PA, 19530


Sunday: 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Friday: 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Saturday: 12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

  • Gallery Proposal Information

    How do I apply for an exhibition?

    Exhibition applications for the Bears Den Gallery, the Corner Gallery, and the Brass Rail Exhibition spaces can be found in the Miller Gallery office (108a Sharadin Building). You can also apply by emailing them to Karen Stanford.

    Exhibition applications along with slides/digital images of the work to be exhibited and an artist's statement (which describes the artistic perspective and the artwork that will be exhibited) must be submitted or  emailed to the Karen Stanford.

    How many images should I submit with my Exhibition Proposal Form?

    At least three slides/digital images are required; however, it is preferable to submit images of ALL artwork you plan on displaying. The Art Gallery Managers reserve the right to reject artwork that has not been presented in slides (i.e. if the artwork is not in "ready to hang" condition). 

    How is the Bears Den Gallery set up?

    The gallery consists of three connected walls with a built in lighting system as well as one other wall and one free standing wall. Two-dimensional artwork will be hung using the existing hanging system. Nothing can be hung by screws in the walls. The gallery is tucked into the back of the Bears Den so it features a floor space that is ideal for three dimensional work.

    How is the Brass Rail Exhibition space set up?

    The Brass Rail is one long wall space with room for 6-8 flat hanging pieces, but also has space for 3D pieces in front of the wall. All hung pieces must be installed using the existing hanging system. We will not accept artwork requiring screws or nails to hang. 

    How is the Corner Gallery Exhibition space set up?

    The Corner Gallery is set in the alcove above the book store. The space has room for 2-5 hanging pieces depending on their size. All hung pieces must be installed using the existing hanging system. We will not accept artwork requiring screws or nails to hang. 

    How do the Gallery Staff choose exhibitions?

    The Gallery Staff will choose exhibitions per semester per gallery space. Proposals that exhibit a strong sense of cohesiveness are preferred. There are little restrictions in terms of content in the galleries. However, due to the high volume of traffic by the Brass Rail, work with potentially offensive material are not encouraged. It is the goal of the Art Galleries to promote artistic expression in all media and in all levels of skill. The Kutztown University community is diverse and this diversity should be expressed freely in the art galleries' exhibitions.

    How long will the exhibitions last?

    Generally, exhibitions will be either on a one or two-week rotation period: installations will be on Friday afternoons, receptions will be the week following installation, and take-downs are scheduled based on the gallery rotation.

    How do I promote my exhibition?

    Fliers, invitations, and postcards are good ways to promote exhibitions around campus. The Gallery Coordinator will advertise for the artist in various ways including: Daily Brief, Carousel TV, Central Calendar, the Keystone, Bear Essentials, and the McFarland Student Union Facebook.

    What will be provided to install the exhibitions?

    The Bears Den Gallery is equipped with a hanging system for two-dimensional work and display stands (if available) will be provided for three-dimensional work. All artwork that is to be exhibited should be in "ready to hang" condition (i.e. framed or mounted). Installation of the exhibition will occur on the Friday before the opening reception with the assistance of the Gallery Staff.

    What is included with the opening reception for the exhibition?

    The exhibition reception includes catered snacks for guests.

    Can the Gallery Staff store my artwork after the exhibition has closed?

    The exhibitor must break down the art show at the scheduled date and time, as storage of art overnight or for extended periods is not permitted.

  • Gallery Archives

    Fall 2014 Schedule

    Opening Take Down Artist Titles Medium
    Sept 8th Sept 18th Beth Wilson Down the Rabbit Hole Fibers
    Sept 30th Oct 9th Sharyn Beodecker Dear Andre Photography
    Sept 2nd Sept 11th Eliseo Rivera A Lapse Photography
    Sept 2nd Sept 11th Samantha Warick Serendipity Fibers
    Sept 29th Oct 9th Nicole Horsfield His and Hers Photography
    Sept 22nd Oct 2nd Chaney Class Show Ceramics Majors Ceramics
    Sept 16th Sept 25th Emily Willow Assembly Fibers
    Sept 15th Sept 25th Travis Hartzell Post-Nothing Works on Paper
    Oct 6th Oct 16th Lauren Beauchner Mountains of/for You Paintings
    Oct 28th Nov 6th Andrew Rivera Hot Stuff Watercolor on Paper
    Oct 27th Nov 6th Eliseo Rivera A Lapse Redux Photography
    Oct 20th Oct 30th Beth Wilson Abandoned Fibers
    Oct 14th Oct 23rd Jaclyn Zeigler Untold Stories Photography
    Oct 13th Oct 23rd Ethan Gross Strangers in the Night Acrylic Paint
    Nov 3rd Nov 13th Delilah Miske Disintegration Mixed Media
    Nov 24th Dec 5th Simone Evans “Allure”: Macrame’ Braided and Shibori-Dyed Textiles
    Nov 24th Dec 5th Megan Yoder Seems Something Far Mixed Media Printmaking
    Nov 17th Dec 4th Amanda Sweitzer Aesthetically Functional Ceramics
    Nov 11th Nov 20th Gianna Digiacomo Celestial Prints Intaglio Etchings
    Nov 10th Nov 20th Jessica Andres

    Fall 2013 Schedule

    Date Artist Title Medium
    Sept 9th Jess Gryn Tripping Through the Past Painting
    Sept 3rd Nicole Didusch Wayfarer Painting
    Sept 3rd Mary Martuscelli Urban Interaction Fiber
    Sept 30th Jess Ginn Sublime Duration Photography
    Sept 23rd Amanda Adams Just Listen Painting
    Sept 16th Axel Castro Suenos Painting/Sculpture
    Oct 8th Kristina Kopfer Experimentation Fibers
    Oct 7th Bryan Fellenbaum Abstract Delusions Mixed Media
    Oct 28th Lauren Beuschner Common Place
    Oct 21st Jess Ginn Colors of the Wind Photography
    Oct 15th Chloe Jackson Sense of Place
    Nov 5th Linna Tompkins The Meditation of Growth and Color Fibers
    Nov 4th John Moran When Form Meets Disruption Photography
    Nov 25th Joey Painter Floral Fatal Ceramics
    Nov 19th Tiffanie Deisos Painting
    Nov 18th Jenna Line Some Things I've Made Fibers
    Nov 11th Alex Swisher Physical Transduction
    Nov 10th Nov 20th Jessica Andres
    Dec 3rd Amanda Manwiller Skylight Fibers
    Dec 9th Danielle Kelly Chaos Marker & Watercolor

    Spring 2013 Schedule

    Date Artist Title Medium
    Sep 28 Torrey Welcome to This World Printmaking
    Sep 14 Christian Weber Design
    Oct 26 Keith Seaweed Fiber
    Oct 12 Caitlyn Body Language Painting
    Nov 9 Eric Nole Metamorphosis Drawing
    Nov 30 Genevive Arnone Contemporary Sculpture Sculpture
    May 3 Seth Oravec Nouns: Person Place or Thing Painting
    Mar 15 Lizz Berry Color Fracture Craft/Fiber
    Mar 1 Jake McCauley Ghost World Painting
    Feb 15 Jesse Falcone Enter my Mind Drawing
    Feb 1 Cecily Mowad Color Me What? Painting
    Aug 13 Evan Vitational Printmaking
    Apr 5 Luke Jones Armada Painting
    Apr 19 Joe Boyle Psuedo Human Identity Sculpture