Applying for Federal Tuition Assistance (TA)

Federal Tuition Assistance is a benefit paid to eligible military members of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Space Force. Each service has its own criteria for eligibility, obligated service, application process' and restrictions. This money is usually paid directly to the institution by the individual services.

  • Find your military branch below and determine your eligibility for TA. Some branches only provide TA to their service members who are on active duty, while other branches such as the Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard, provide TA to their Reserve and National Guard members also.
  • If TA Eligible,
    • Complete the online KU Request for TA Form.
    • Select TA on your electronic KU Veterans Services Enrollment Certification Form and submit it for the semester you plan to use TA.

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Army Ignited is still not 100% operational, some ETPs still exist - ARMY IGNITED

Check with your Army component's Education Office for ETP guidance.



           SUMMER I - Deadline: May 20th

          SUMMER II - Deadline: June 27th

          FALL - Deadline: August 15th

Steps 1 thru 5 must be completed by the deadline to be considered for TA.  Failure to complete all 5 steps by the deadline will result in TA credit not  being applied to your student financial account.

Basic Army Ignited TA Enrollment Steps:

Step 1- Enroll into your classes at your educational institution (EI), either in person or online.

Step 2- Complete KU's Request for TA form.  



Step 3-

Step 4- Create an ArmyIgnitED account at  You must associate your military CAC card to your ArmyIgnitED account.   ***See above tile for instructions***

Step 5- Create an Education Path in your Army IgnitED account.  ***See above tile for instructions***

  • If Kutztown University does not show up as a school option after adding your major, return to the major selection step and choose a similar major until Kutztown University populates. You may have to repeat this step a few times until you find the major that associates with Kutztown University. 

Step 6-

  • KU's SCO will upload your degree audit/plan into your TA Account.
  • KU's SCO will add the courses you're enrolled in to your TA Account. Do not add your courses to your AI account. This will create duplicate courses and delay payment.
  • KU's TA Coordinator will submit your ETP for TA processing on your behalf using the information from your KU Request for TA form.

Step 7- [Disregard this step for 2022 TA Requests] Send the KU TA Coordinator a copy of your TA Authorization/Approval form after your military branch approves your TA request.

Step 8- Inform the KU TA Coordinator, Ms. Wendy Pursell, ASAP if you intend to drop/add a class BEFORE you make the change.  If classes are dropped/added after the first day of classes, you may be charged for the class.  ****Seek guidance before making any class changes.****

Marine Corps


Air Force

Coast Guard

Space Force

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  • How do I know if I am eligible for Federal Tuition Assistance?

    At this time, students serving in the Army (Active, National Guard, and Reserve) and Air Force (Active and Reserve) are eligible for TA.  Students serving in the other services should read the TA Guidelines for their branch to determine eligibility.

    Note: Military members who have been flagged at their unit, have a TA Hold due to debt, GPA or other, are usually not eligible for TA.

  • How do I apply for TA?

    Each branch of service has their own application process.

    We included some general instructions below, but it's important that you read the TA Application Instructions for your branch and follow their specific instructions so you don't miss a step. Pay close attention to deadlines as TA is very strict with deadline dates.

    TA general process includes-

    1. Enroll into your classes.

    2. Create a TA Account using your military branches TA portal.

    3. Request your degree audit/plan from the KU Registrar's Office, Many branches require an approved degree plan be uploaded to the student's TA Account.

    4. Apply for TA using your branch's TA portal, and add Kutztown University and your degree/ TA-approved educational path to your TA Account. 

    5. Inform KU that you will be using TA for the upcoming semester by submitting the KU Request TA form. 

    6. Add TA, along with all other military benefits that you plan to use, to your electronic KU Enrollment Certification Request Form and submit by deadline.

    7. Send the KU TA Coordinator, Ms. Wendy Pursell,, your TA Authorization form after your military branch approves your TA request. 

    8. Let the KU TA Coordinator know immediately, if you desire to drop/add classes before you make a schedule change to determine if you will incur a debt.

  • When can I apply for TA and what is the application deadline?

    Each branch of service has their own enrollment and deadline rules. Follow the guidelines for your military branch.  

    Pay special attention to these time periods:

    Enrollment: Some branches allow students to enroll 90 days before the start of the class while some do not allow enrollment until 60 or 45 days before the start of class.

    Deadlines: For most services, TA must be applied for and approved before the first day of classes. However, don't wait until the last minute.  Some branches are more lenient than others and are willing to approve TA up to the day before classes, while some branches require all applications be submitted no later than 7 days before classes start.

  • What does TA pay for?

    TA traditionally pays up to 16 credits a fiscal year (the government’s fiscal year runs from Oct 20XX thru Sep 20XX).

    • TA pays for tuition only, fees are not included
    • Typically students can use the majority of their TA benefit every other semester. This can vary depending on when the student first starts using TA and how many credits they use.
      • Example 1: A full-time student who starts using TA for the first time in their fall semester should be able to apply for TA in the spring semester because the semesters are in different fiscal years.  After using TA in the spring semester, the student can then apply for TA in the following spring semester for up to 16 credits.
      • Example 2: A full-time student who starts using TA in the spring semester, must wait until the following spring semester to use TA for up to 16 credits.  The student should be able to use any unused TA benefits (for that fiscal year) in the following summer session or fall semester, see Example 3 below.
      • Example 3: If a full-time student uses TA for 12 credits in the spring semester, the student can use TA for up to 4 credits in the following summer session or fall semester.  The same holds true for 15 credits, the student can use their 1 credit of unused TA.


    TA traditionally pays $250 per credit, up to a maximum threshold per fiscal year

    • The maximum threshold varies per military branch and can change each fiscal year.  Read the TA Guidelines for your military branch to find their maximum threshold.
    • Payment is made directly to the school (Educational Institution)
    • A courtesy credit is applied to your account after you submit your TA Authorization/Approval to the KU TA Coordinator.
  • Does TA require passing grades?

    Yes. Students must earn passing grades of C or higher (undergraduate) and for some military branches a B or higher for graduate students.

    Students who fall below these grades may incur a debt to their TA program and must repay TA for the classes.  The debt payment is usually taken directly from your drill/battle assembly/active duty LES payment.

    Note: Some, if not all, TA programs may require a minimum 2.0 GPA (GPA requirement may be higher for graduate students).

  • Can Students Use VA Chapter 1606 (Selected Reserve) and TA at the same time?

    Yes! The rules changed in May 2021.  Students in a half-time or greater enrollment status can finally use their TA and VA Chapter 1606 (Selected Reserve GI Bill) at the same time. 

  • Can Students Use VA Chapter 33 (Post 9/11 GI Bill) and TA at the same time?
    • Yes, however, a student must make sure that using both will benefit them. TA is restricted to pay tuition only and the tuition portion of Chapter 33 is also restricted to tuition only. 
    • Students with a VA Chapter 33 eligibility rating of less than 100% may benefit from using both benefits, while a student with a 100% eligibility rating may decide to hold off and use their VA Chapter 33 benefit at a later time.  
    • Students who are eligible for both VA Chapter 33 (Post 9/11 GI Bill) and TA should contact the Office of Student Accounts to determine the best course of action for their situation.  
  • Can Students use EAP and TA at the same time?

    Yes! EAP is funded through state funds and TA is funded through federal funds.  Both benefits can be used at the same time.  Currently, EAP covers PA State System of Higher Education Schools (PASSHE) flat full-time tuition rate plus the technology feeEAP does not cover all fees.  EAP funds are not restricted like some other benefits.  The EAP award amount can be applied to tuition costs, fees, books and room and board, up to the maximum EAP allowance.

  • Will KU Veterans Services offer Army TA Workshops?

    Army TA Workshops are suspended at this time due to the Army IgnitED exception to policy (ETP) that is in place.  We plan to schedule workshops for future semesters when Army IgnitED is fully online and the ETP is no longer being used.

    When Army TA Workshops resume, students will be able to register for a workshop on this webpage and apply for TA with the assistance of a TA professional. 

    Check back for registration updates.

  • Does KU Veterans Services offer TA Workshops for all military branches?

    Not at this time.

    Each branch follows their own application process and some offer branch-specific workshops and training for their military members.  Read the TA Guidelines for your branch for more information.

  • I am eligible for Army TA, how do I apply using the Army ETP TA process?

    Due to the delay in the launch of ArmyIgnitED, HQ ACCESS has reinstated the exception to policy (ETP) Tuition Assistance (TA) funding process for all classes that began on or after 8 March 2021 until the TA program is online in ArmyIgnitED.

    Basic Army TA ETP Enrollment Steps:

    Follow the enrollment process listed in the Army Section above.

  • How is TA applied to my KU Tuition Bill?

    The best office to answer this question is the Office of Student Accounts.  We can give you a general overview but this overview does not apply to all student accounts due to the differences in financial aid packages, student status, etc.

    • Students who applied for TA and who submitted their enrollment certification form with TA selected by the deadline date, should see a TA courtesy credit on their tuition bill under pending aid.  Late submissions will not see a pending credit.
    • TA is paid directly to the school so the student usually does not have to pay this amount upfront.
    • Students eligible for a refund will receive their refunds after KU receives the students' TA funds from Department of the Army.
    • Due to Army Ignited system issues, there is a long delay in TA payments, sometimes funds are not received until after the semester. If you are due a refund, we recommend that you do not plan on receiving your refund within the same semester.
  • Can I add or drop a class, or withdraw from classes, after I receive my TA Authorization/Approval?

    It is very important that you seek guidance from the KU TA Coordinator, Ms. Wendy Pursell, before dropping, adding, or withdrawing from classes.

    Classes that are dropped after the deadline date may incur a debt to the student. 

    Classes that are added after the deadline date may not be paid for by TA.

    Students who withdraw from KU may incur a debt to KU and the TA program.

    It is very important that you seek guidance from the KU TA Coordinator before dropping, adding, or withdrawing from classes.

  • Will I have to repay TA if I withdraw from my classes due a military activation (i.e. deployment, mobilization)?

    Students who are activated to military duty while school is in session and cannot complete their coursework can submit an Armed Forces Leave of Absence form to the Registrar's Office, to withdraw from classes.

    Students must also inform KU's TA Coordinator, Ms. Wendy Pursell, immediately that they are withdrawing due to military activation.

    Before dropping classes in the TA portal, students must obtain a TA Military Withdrawal Form from their TA Education Center/Office and have it approved by their chain of command to prevent the student from incurring a TA debt.  Obtain this form from your military branch's Education Center/Office.

    Students may have to upload the approved military withdrawal form, along with their military activation orders, into their TA portal at the same time they drop their classes in the portal.

    ARMY ETP TA USERS Only - Submit your military withdrawal form to KU's TA Coordinator and send an email formally requesting to drop your classes due to military activation.

  • Can I use TA to pay for classes during summer session?

    Students can use TA during summer sessions if they have unused TA credits remaining for that fiscal year.

  • I need help using the TA system to apply for TA, can you assist?

    We can definitely answer basic TA questions, please contact us at  For systems-related, branch-related, or technical TA program questions please contact your military branch's point of contact/ Education Center.

    Educational Institutions are limited in how much assistance they can provide.  We can usually provide the basic guidance that the military branches provide.  Additional TA program and technical questions are best answered by the military branch's Education Center/Office or the TA portal's HelpDesk.  Read the TA Guidelines for your military branch for contact information.