Board of Governors Scholars Community

Board of governors scholar community logo, a golden grad cap and degree

Residence Hall: Deatrick Hall 

The Board of Governors Scholars Community is a Special Interest Group designed for Kutztown University Board of Governors Scholars. The students participating in the program are first year students that were awarded the Board of Governors Scholarship. These students may or may not have the same major and are not required to take the same classes. The Board of Governors Scholars Community will provide the students with an opportunity to live together, meet new people, engage in activities outside the classroom as well as connect with KU faculty and staff. Another intention of The Board of Governors Scholars program is to provide students the opportunity to interact with faculty and staff as well as to attend programs that will enhance their academic and social development. 

The Board of Governors Scholars Community will be a collaborative effort between the Office of Residence Life and other offices with in the Division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs. Resources will be shared to enhance the participants overall college experience. The departments within the division will work together to plan programs, social events as well as create opportunities for the Board of Governors Scholars to interact with members of the University community and upperclassmen Board of Governors Scholars.

This program seeks to empower and challenge students to customize their on-campus living experience to compliment academic pursuits and to contribute to the greater campus and surrounding community.

Program Requirements:

  • Take part in the weekly/ biweekly Board of Governors Scholars meetings.
  • Attend 3 KU faculty/staff facilitated presentations/programs a semester. There will be a number of presentations scheduled at different times and days during the course of a semester. 
  • Must participate in study hall once a week.
  • Participate in one service project a semester.
  • Plan one dinner a semester where KU Faculty are invited to the hall.
  • A component of the Board of Governors Scholars Program is the Board of Governors Scholars Council, a student group similar to a hall council in that it will hold weekly meetings, facilitate programming, and community service events. 

How to Apply:

  • Students must be offered and accept the Board of Governors Scholarship to be considered for the Board of Governors Scholars Community.
  • Membership is on a first come first serve basis. Students that wish to become a member of this community must indicate so on their Scholarship application. Once they are awarded the scholarship, they will be placed in the community.  

For more information about living on campus or the Board of Governors Community, please contact Residence Life.