Request an eCommerce Report

Does your business have an existing website? Are you looking to pull more traffic, views or generate more sales through your site? We can help!

The Kutztown SBDC offers comprehensive website reports at no cost to our clients. Our reports will analyze your traffic, webpage design and social media presence to provide you with courses of action for furthering your business' online effectiveness.

Comprehensive Website Review This tool examines the functionality/effectiveness of a website by evaluating four key aspects of general website performance: Accessibility, Content, Marketing and Technology.

Social Media Scorecard - This service evaluates the practices of your organization in popular/relevant social media environments in comparison to industry best practices.

Website Scorecard - This portion of the report will evaluate your website's technical functionality (misplaced images, alt tags, meta tags, broken links, etc.) for the purposes of search engine optimization and ease-of-use for your customers.

Glossary - Each report contains a glossary of definitions & explanations for many of the technical terms found throughout.