Environmental Management Assistance Program (EMAP)

Our Environmental Management Assistance Program will help you learn how to prevent hazardous pollution before it's ever created. You'll increase efficiency and reduce costs associated with:

  • Raw material
  • Permits and record-keeping
  • Waste management, treatment and disposal
  • Long-term waste management liabilities
  • Energy

SBDC Services
The best way to achieve compliance is to make environmental management an everyday activity and incorporate it into your long-range planning. We offer the services to help you develop a strategic approach that will cut costs and improve profitability, including:

  • Confidential assistance to help you understand regulatory requirements
  • Strategic environmental management and planning activities
  • Interactive seminars and workshops
  • On-site pollution prevention and energy efficient assessments
  • Links to sources of technical and financial assistance
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Fact sheets and guidance materials
  • Web-based conferencing

The fear of being reported to regulatory agencies sometimes keeps people who are seeking assistance from asking. Our program alleviates that fear by giving you the opportunity to raise any issues or concerns with professional SBDC consultants, who will hold your conversation in strictest confidence.

To request no cost and confidential assistance with EMAP call 1-877-ASK-EMAP.