Agribusiness Consulting

Based on years of assisting the PA Department of Agriculture and consulting with numerous food producers on a wide variety of concerns, the Kutztown University SBDC is prepared to help agribusinesses in our service territory with the many challenges facing processors.

Pennsylvania food and agricultural processors can access the following services and assistance:

  • Expand markets
  • Develop new distributors
  • Understand consumption trends
  • Research new products & competition
  • Review product pricing & profitability
  • Explore export markets
  • Assist in setting up an advisory board
  • Help prepare you for an angel or venture capital presentation
  • Create marketing and strategic plans
  • Analyze your website
  • Network with production assistance
  • Form focus groups for customer input and taste testing
  • Understand food service distribution and pricing dynamics
  • Researching relevant national and regional food shows
  • Accessing grants for exporting and public sector financing for plant expansion