Established Business

If you are growing or restructuring your established business your first step should be registering to become a clientcontacting your SBDC for a confidential, no cost consultation. The Kutztown University SBDC is the best choice for you because:

Simply put, our financial consultants can save you time, effort, and hassle because we help over 700 entrepreneurs each year. Many of whom are in need of confidential, unbiased consultations to help you through the lending maze of ever changing banking names, lenders, and regulations. We can assess your lending needs and advise on other forms of state, county, or angel investing programs that might fit your needs. Take the next step to get started! Click below to register as a client or call our Client Intake Coordinator to talk or leave a message for immediate reply or register online to become a client. If you are an existing business and ready to talk about low interest lending programs or grants that might fit your capital needs then click here to register as client.

Already a client? Then call 877-4pa-sbdc or email us at and we will help you set up a timely no cost confidential meeting with one of our finance specialists.