Women's Center

big news re: Women's Center & LGBTQ resource center!

Kutztown University LGBTQ+ Resource Center and Women’s Center to relocate on campus:

In honor of Women’s History month as a month of PROGRESS – we are excited to announce that in the summer of 2021 the KU Women’s Center and the KU LGBTQ+ Resource Center will be moving to Boxwood House. The Centers will maintain their separate missions and identity, but be housed under the same roof with both dedicated spaces and shared spaces.

The Women’s Center at KU started in 1989 and has been located in the first floor of Old Main. The LGBTQ+ Resource Center was established in 2005 and has been located in the basement of Old Main. The centers serve as a resource for ALL students, staff, and faculty and are all welcome. In addition to being resource centers, each center also has a library of books and DVDs that can checked out; provides space for students to connect and find support; they do programming both within the centers and on campus; and provide many services to our students and campus.

In 2011 both centers were put under one director and share one support staff. According to Senior Associate Dean of Students and Chief Diversity Officer, Jerry Schearer - the idea of merging into one space began in 2016. With some other office moves happening this summer, Boxwood House became a possibility. With the help of Dean McCargo and VP Hilton and the approval of the President this can now happen. Per Dean Schearer, this will allow for the staff to be in one space rather than going back and forth; allow for more collaboration; better staff coverage; and additional space for meetings; trainings, and programs. He is especially excited to have the associated student groups able to use the outside space during the warmer weather.

“We are excited to move the Centers together under one roof in Boxwood, and all the new possibilities of the expanded space! This new location is highly visible to the community and showcases the centers together as a vibrant, welcoming campus resource.” Christine Price, Director of the KU LGBTQ+ Resource Center and the KU Women’s Center.

An Open House will happen in September and we look forward to welcoming everyone, especially our KU students into the new space.

Covid-19 Update

The Women's Center will be open during the Fall 2021 semester! In order to keep our environment as safe and healthy as possible, we ask that you follow a few guidelines during your visit. 

  1. Wear a mask at all times! Even if vaccinated, let's help keep our community safe.
  2. Want to use our kitchen? Ask a staff member about our kitchen agreement.
  3. Only eat quick snacks in the centers - if you need to use utensils or eat a full meal, please go into the kitchen.
  4. Food trash should go in trash can on patio or kitchen trash can.
  5. Feel free to use our patio/back yard space!
  6. No student access to second or third floors - if you need something, please ask a staff member.

Let's keep our community safe!   

Class Absence Policy                                                                                                             

Class absence policy can be found here                                        


The Kutztown University Women's Center strives to create a campus culture that supports gender equity and inclusion. Through our cultural and educational resource library and events, advocacy, prevention initiatives, and leadership opportunities, we are committed to fostering an environment that is safe, supportive, and empowering for all community members.


  • To educate through diverse programs, trainings and discussion groups on interpersonal and global gender issues.
  • To increase awareness and celebrate the rich history of the feminist movement.
  • To encourage personal growth and intellectual development by empowering and engaging students as leaders, responsible community members, and change-agents in pursuit of feminist goals.
  • To provide a safe space and resources for students seeking support.
  • To support the academic mission of the university, with a focus on collaboration with the Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Minor.
  • To partner and collaborate with campus and community constituents to create an environment free from gender-based violence and harassment while promoting a culture of respect.