Parenting Resources

Here at the Women's Center and Kutztown University, we pride ourselves on providing resources for pregnant or parenting students/staff/faculty members. Pregnant or parenting students are welcome to come to the Women's Center for more information regarding these resources. Interested in meeting other pregnant or parenting students? Stop by the Women's Center and talk to one of the employees!

Avalanche sitting next to a child. Avalanche is looking at the child while the child appears to be reading and writing on paper.

On-Campus Resources

  • Lactation Rooms

    For your convenience, lactation rooms are located in:

    Lytle Hall - Room 122, First Floor

    Beekey Education Building - Room TWAC22A, Second Floor

    Stratton Administration Building - Room TW12, Second Floor

    Old Main - Room 221, Second Floor B Wing

    McFarland Student Union - Room TWAC21, First Floor

    In order to access lactation rooms, please reserve a room. 

    Maps of the buildings and pictures of the lactation rooms are accessible through Human Resources.

  • Changing Stations

    Baby changing stations are conveniently located in various restrooms across campus.

    North Campus


    TWAC1-1 Women's First Floor
    TMAC1-1 Men's First Floor
    TWAC1-2 Women's Second Floor
    TMAC1-2 Men's Second Floor


    TWAC1-1 Women's First Floor
    TMAC1-1 Men's First Floor

    Heritage Center:

    No Room Number Women's Behind Library
    No Room Number Men's Behind Library


    TM21 Men's Football Locker Room
    TM31 Men's Main Lobby


    TUAC1-2 Family Across from Info Desk
    TWAC-4-1 Women's First Floor, Auditorium
    TMAC4-1 Men's First Floor, Auditorium
    TWAC2-1 Women's First Floor, Central Stairs


    TWAC1-1 Women's Main Lobby
    TUAC1-1 Family Main Lobby


    TUAC1-2 Family Gallery Lobby
    TWAC1-2 Women's Gallery Lobby
    TMAC1-2 Men's Gallery Lobby
    TUAC3-1 Family Lecture Hall 120
    TWAC3-1 Women's Lecture Hall 120
    TMAC3-1 Men's Lecture Hall 120

    South Campus

    Dixon (North):

    TWAC1-1 Women's Main Lobby
    TMAC1-1 Men's Main Lobby

    Dixon (South):

    TWAC2-1 Women's Main Lobby
    TMAC2-1 Men's Main Lobby

    TWAC2-1 Women’s Main Lobby
    TMAC2-1 Men’s Main Lobby

    TWAC2-1 Women's Main Lobby
    TMAC2-1 Men's Main Lobby

  • Single Stall Restrooms

    If you prefer using a single-stall restroom for any reason, many are located across campus.

    Admissions Center - 1st, 2nd floor

    Boxwood House - 1st, 2nd floor

    DeFrancesco - Ground floor

    Education House - 1st, 2nd floor

    Lytle - 1st floor

    McFarland Student Union - 2nd floor

    Multicultural Center - 1st, 2nd floor

    Old Main A Wing - Ground, 1st floor

    Old Main B Wing - 3rd floor

    Old Main C Wing - 2nd floor

    President’s House - 1st floor

    Recreation Center - 1st, 2nd floor

    Rickenbach - 2nd floor

    Rohrbach Library - Ground, 2nd floor

    Schaeffer Auditorium - 1st floor

    Sharadin - 1st, 2nd floor

  • On-Campus Housing Options

    Students interested in on-campus housing should call (610-683-4027) or e-mail the Housing office to schedule a meeting to discuss housing options and availability.

  • Attendance Policy

    In accordance with the Attendance Policy (ACA-016), childbirth and pregnancy are both considered to be legitimate reasons for absence. If any problems arise with this policy, please contact Social Equity.

Local Resources

  • Local Daycare Centers

    Shaynah Kinner Day Care Center

    205 James Alley, Kutztown, PA 19530

    Phone: (610) 683-5040

    Hours: Mon-Fri, 6 a.m. - 6 p.m.

    St. John’s Day Care Center

    201 East Main St., Kutztown, PA 19530

    Phone: (610) 683-5402

    Hours: Mon-Fri, 6 a.m. - 6 p.m.

    Jolly Journeys Childcare Center

    14953 Kutztown Road, Suite 5, Kutztown, PA 19530

    Phone: (610) 426-0011

    Hours: Mon-Fri, 6 a.m. - 6 p.m.

  • Friend, Inc. Community Services

    Friend, Inc. Community Services is a local community service center in Kutztown that can provide many services to pregnant or parenting students. They can help connect you with resources within the community, including Emergency Financial Assistance, Counseling, Food Stamp Benefits (SNAP), Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Child Care Works Program, and more.

    Friend, Inc. Community Services is located at 658D Noble Street, Kutztown PA, 19530. They are open from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. daily on weekdays. To contact, call 610-683-7790, or email Cathy Dill.

  • Mary's Shelter

    Mary’s Shelter is a multifaceted comprehensive housing and social service agency that addresses pregnancy, parenting and youth homelessness through proactive preventative work, crisis intervention services and stabilization back into the community. They assist women and families throughout Reading and the Berks County area. For a full list of services, please visit their website.

    Mary's Shelter is located at 615 Kenhorst Boulevard, Reading, PA 19611. To contact, call (610) 376-1973 or send an e-mail to their office.

General Resources

  • Affordable College Guide to Pregnancy in College

    Title IX can be hard to understand, but they break down the ways that it protects pregnant students. If you feel as though your Title IX rights are being violated, please contact the office of Social Equity. They also cover your rights in relation to breastfeeding and pumping on college campuses, as well as a whole host of other resources they've collected.

  • Nurse-Family Partnership

    Nurse-Family Partnership is a nationwide program that pairs first-time mothers (and fathers) with trained nurses to support you through the process and provide education from the second trimester until the baby's second birthday. There are two participating locations within 25 miles of Kutztown, one in Reading and one in Bethlehem that serve the Lehigh Valley, Berks County, and Northampton County.

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