Upcoming Events

The Women's Center hosts a number of events during the semester. Registration for some events can be found on ENGAGE@KU, links will be included when available.

Wednesday, Sept. 6th from 3 to 6 pm


Join us at the Boxwood House for a "Welcome" and "Welcome Back" event for all students!   The campus community is invited to tour our Centers, meet our Staff, and see all we have to offer at this festive event .


Friday, Sept. 8th from 2 - 3 PM



Join us at Boxwood House for the first Feminist Friday of the Semester !

Friday, Sept. 22nd from 2 - 3 PM

FEMINIST FRIDAY -  International Day of Peace

Join the Women’s Center Staff to start your weekend right.

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The “What Were You Wearing?” Project 

This project is a visual display of survivor’s descriptions of what they were wearing when they experienced sexual violence. The installation asks viewers to consider the amount of self-blame that results from the question: “What were you wearing?”.   

The Display will be in the MSU Brass Rail Gallery from Monday thru Friday during the week of September 25th to 29th.  

Women's Center Staff will be tabling in MSU on Monday and Thursday from 11-4 with information on the project.

Friday, October 6th

FEMINIST FRIDAY -  at the GSM in MSU 218

Join the Women’s Center Staff at the The 7th annual Gender and Sexual Minorities Conference which will be held on Friday, October 6th, in the MSU from 10am-4pm.  The keynote speaker, Kat Blaque, will present at 10am in 218.  There will be sessions available at 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm.     See the LGBTQ+ Resource Page for a full schedule of Presentations for the Conference.

Week of October 6th to 13th

The Safe Berks Silent Witness Project

To bring awareness to Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we host this visual monument to the Berks County lives lost to domestic violence over the years.   This is created and supported by Safe Berks.  The Display will be set up in Old Main Concourse for the week.

Thursday, October 12th   


12 to 2 pm at our table in MSU.

Friday, October 13th

Elect Her

#ElectHer is a one-day nonpartisan training for women on how to run for student government and political office.   The Women's Center, Career Development Center, Office of Student Involvement, Vote Everywhere and FMLA are joining together to host this event.  The event is facilitated by RunningStart.org.  Elect Her will be held in MSU 218 from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.    Register for this free event which includes lunch on our Engage Page.

Friday, October 20th

FEMINIST FRIDAY - Love Your Body Day

Join the Women's Center Staff from 2 to 3 pm for our event at Boxwood House.

Be sure to check out our other fun events!

FMLA - Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance Weekly Meeting

Tuesdays @ 11am, Boxwood House

FMLA, the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance, is an activist group that focuses on issues such as self-empowerment, gender equality, freedom of choice, domestic violence, and sexual abuse.