Biology Student Resources


Students are strongly encouraged to complete an internship (for credit) as part of their major program. Internships give students invaluable opportunities to gain experience in areas in which they might later like to pursue a career. Internships are usually arranged by the students themselves with the help of a faculty member and are supervised by the faculty member and an off-campus supervisor.

Biology students have undertaken internships at numerous cooperating agencies over the past several years, including (among others):

  • Merck and Company
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • The Philadelphia Zoo
  • Reading Hospital
  • Lehigh Valley Hospital
  • Phila. College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Crystella Physical Therapy and Fitness
  • Tri-County Physical Therapy
  • Patt Veterinary Hospital
  • Hawk Mountain Sanctuary
  • The Wildlands Conservancy
  • Trexler-Lehigh Game Preserve
  • Lehigh WildCare
  • The Berks County Conservancy
  • The New Jersey State Aquarium
Biology Department Student Clubs

The Biology Department is associated with several student clubs. The following are the active clubs as of Fall 2021 including each club's student leaders and faculty academic advisor(s):

    Environmental Action Club
    President          - Sherybeth Maldonado
    Vice-President - Inanna Carter
    Secretary          - Elijah Zukowski
    Treasurer          - Chloe Kessler
    Advisors            - Dr. Chris Sacchi & Dr. Jake Sewall

    Health Career Society (Meetings Tuesdays @11am)
    President           - Coty Emerich
    Vice President  - Gabby Strickland
    Secretary          - Lauren Hirschman
    Treasurer          - Sara Leinenbach
    Advisor              - Dr. Cristen Rosch

    Marine Science Club (Meetings Tuesdays @ 11am BH 256)
    President          - Eric Rojas
    Vice-President   - Caroline Weber
    Treasurer          - Pam Edris
    Secretary          - Kevin Stover
    Advisors            - Dr. Adrienne Oakley and Dr. Wendy Ryan

    Ornithology Club
    President           - Megan Johnson
    Vice President  - Dakota Pittinger
    Treasurer           - Joseph Norvillas
    Secretary           - Dustin Graczyk
    Advisor              - Dr. Todd Underwood

    People for Animals (min. GPA 2.5)
    President            - Kayla McMahon
    Vice President   - Nic Heffelfinger
    Secretary           - Xavier Spencer
    Treasurer             - Hailey Christ
    Advisor:              - Dr. Greg Setliff

    Plant Club (meets Thursdays @11m in Greenhouse)
    President           - Jacob Williams
    Vice President  - Taylor Klucsarits
    Treasurer           - Mathew Dress
    Secretary           - Aubrey Freese
    Advisor              - Dr. Chris Sacchi

    Career Services

    The Career Development Center has numerous events and resources to help you create and reach your career goals.

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