Research in Biology

The Department of Biology supports and encourages undergraduates to engage in research.  Faculty advisors work with students to develop, fund, and execute original research projects.  Often students present their research at regional or national professional meetings and it is common for students to publish their work with faculty co-authors.  Below we have highlighted some recent student-centered research projects and publications.  If you are interested in conducting research with a faculty member, you are encouraged to review the faculty research interests page and contact that individual directly.

Recent publications by faculty in the department, including those involving students (in bold):

Boyd, M.L., T.J. Underwood, and D.F. Aruscavage. 2014. The efficacy of cleaning bird feeders with 10 % bleach wipes to reduce bacteria. Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science 88(4):220-226.

Maiese, C. and M. Stone. 2014. Trachemys scripta scripta x elegans (Pond Slider intergrade). Geographical Distribution Note. Herpetological Review 45:281.

Brown, W.P., M.E. Zuefle, T.J. Underwood, A.L. Alexander, and D.A. Alexander. 2013. House Wren nestling age can be determined accurately from a guide of digital images.  North American Bird Bander 38:150-159.

Dovey, K.M., J.R. Kemfort, and W.F. Towne. 2013. The depth of the honeybee's backup sun-compass systems. Journal of Experimental Biology 216: 2129-2139.

Kemfort J.R. and W.F. Towne. 2013. Honey bees can learn the relationship between the solar ephemeris and a newly-experienced landscape: a confirmation. Journal of Experimental Biology 216: 3767-3771.

Setliff, G.P. and J.A. Anderson. 2011. First record of the agave snout weevil, Scyphophorus acupunctatus Gyllenhal (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Dryophthorinae), in Puerto Rico. Insecta Mundi152: 1-3.

Nagle, J. and C.L. Rosch. 2011. Teratogenicity of deet in chick embryos.  Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Sciences 85(1):  27-30.

Antoni, A., V.A. Patel, H. Fan, D.J. Lee, L.H. Graham, C.L. Rosch, D. Spiegel, J. Rauch, and J.S. Levine. 2011. Macrophages from lupus-prone MRL mice have a conditional signaling defect that leads to dysregulated expression of multiple genes. Immunogenetics 63:291-308.