Alton L. Justham Memorial Award

This monetary award is given to the Geography major in the graduating class with the highest GPA.  Additional evaluation criteria may include:  performance in geography courses, participation in faculty-led research, presentations at professional meetings, and participation in student organizations.


Kirsten Bell 2021

Samantha Butler 2020

Heather Willever 2019

William Havrilchak 2018

Glenn Roedel 2018

Zachary Lawlor 2017

Ken Crichlow 2016

Kevin Pearson 2015

Chelsea Strehse 2014

Laura Kaufmann 2013

Michael E. Mault 2012

Kurt O. Weiser 2010

Jeff Zimmerman 2002

Deana DeWire 2001

Christian Hole 2000

Hugh McGowan 1999

Shelley Degler 1998

Kevin Sprague 1998

John Hackman 1997

Veronica A. Rogers 1996

David Lorchak 1995

Erick Estrada 1993

Cheryl Justham 1992