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Do more with your Computer Skills

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Computer Science & Information Technology

"If you have the passion to do something, Kutztown will make it happen."
       -Allison Seidel, Computer Science/Information Technology, 2015

"At Kutztown University, I was able to discover a greater side of myself. My hard work was recognized by skilled educators, who were dedicated to seeing me succeed. I have accomplished more than I could have ever imagined!"
Benjamin Thomas, Computer Science/Software Development, 2019

"I've come to believe that Kutztown's Computer Science program produces some of the best programmers in the nation if not the world. When I came to Kutztown I had decided that I wanted to write software for a living because I enjoyed it so much. Kutztown delivered on this pretty much immediately. Almost every course involved some kind of programming project (usually several) so I had many opportunities to learn and improve. Professors were pedantic about style and design of the programming assignments so I was forced to learn that too. I left with all the tools I needed to start a career."   - James Hasselman, B.S. Computer Science/Software Development '10

TFE Times Top 100 CS Graduate Program The Computer Science MS program has been recognized as one of the top 100 graduate computer science programs in the country by The Financial Engineer, a business tech news entity that refers to themselves as the "leading source of information for all things Wall Street". Our ranking of 93rd puts us as the first in PASSHE and 4th in the state. See the full list.

Jim Ludlow " As a business owner I believe KU's Computer Science & Information Technology Department is the region's best at many levels. The students are smart, prepared and work hard. More important for me is they are consistently willing to learn new skills and receptive to management suggestions. At Liquid, I expect all employees to swim in the deep end of the pool and work as a winning team. I like to create new highly paid technology jobs and KU is where I look to fill them first. Also, I find working with the faculty to be highly productive. They know their students well and work hard to coach them for career success."    
                                                                                                                  - Jim Ludlow, President, Liquid Interactive

ACM's Top 10 Reasons to Major in Computing

Vision Statement

The Department of Computer Science & Information Technology at Kutztown University strives to deliver a quality education that enables our students to achieve their goals and contribute to society.

Simultaneously, the department faculty endeavors to contribute to our discipline with scholarship, including that produced collaboratively, both internally and externally, that contributes significantly to our discipline, as well as providing service to all constituencies.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Computer Science & Information Technology at Kutztown University is to:

  1. Provide students with quality courses, innovative and up-to-date programs and adaptive instruction via regular review and continuous improvement.
  2. Establish productive relationships with our constituents in order to improve curriculum and cultivate opportunities for students and faculty. 3) 
  3. Provide faculty with consistent opportunities for scholarly growth and professional development.
  4. Provide and promote opportunities for student research and faculty collaboration.
  5. Provide state-of-the-art facilities and technologies.
  6. Establish new relationships and maintain beneficial collaborations with other departments and institutions.
  7. Support the University's initiatives to develop a diverse population.

Program Educational Objectives

It is the intent of the Department of Computer Science & Information Technology that graduates of our programs:

  1. Within the first five years following their graduation, will have accomplished one or both of the following:
    1. Embarked on a professional career in their major or a related discipline.
    2. Completed work towards a graduate degree in their major or a closely related discipline.
  2. Following their first five years post-graduation, will have made significant progress as a professional in their major field or a related discipline.
  3. Will have conducted themselves professionally by acting in an ethically and socially responsible manner.
  4. Have expanded their knowledge of the discipline on a continuous basis.

Program's Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

The Department of Computer Science & Information Technology offers two separate programs of study for a Bachelor of Science: Computer Science and Information Technology. Minors are also available in both Computer Science and Information Technology. The department hosts a robust MS program with three tracks in software development, information technology and Professional Science Masters (PSM), an interdisciplinary professional science curriculum that integrates other disciplines within a CS Master's degree.