The Computer Science & Information Technology Department maintains three labs.

OM248A is an open lab for computer science students located with the department faculty offices, making it convenient for faculty collaboration with course work and research. This lab includes Windows PCs, a printer, and plenty of space for personal laptop use and student collaboration.

OM157 is an open lab for computer science students. Hardware in this lab includes windows PCs, an Apple desktop, an HP printer, an Epson Expression photo printer and an Epson Stylus Pro 17-inch photo printer.

OM156 is a closed lab. Access is provided for specified classes. This lab includes two UNIX servers, several Windows PCs and a printer. A network rack with eight Nortel BPS1600 switches, for use in a several network courses, is also located in this lab.

The department has a subscription to the Microsoft Azure Development Tools program, allowing computer science and information technology students to download many Microsoft products. Any active computer science or information technology student can request an Azure account by emailing with a subject of "Account Request" and a body consisting of all current CSC courses and professors. For more information, see the MS Azure Dev  FAQ.