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Undergraduate Programs

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers two-degree programs under the umbrella of the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology:

B.S./M.S. in Computer Science Accelerated 4+1 Option


Enrollment and Graduation Data

Fall Enrollments

Fall 2019 Fall 2018 Fall 2017 Fall 2016 Fall 2015
Computer Science 181 190 151 137 140
Information Technology 119 147 185 152 139

Graduation Data

2018-2019 2017-2018 2016-2017 2015-2016 2014-2015
Computer Science 25 18 20 23 16
Information Technology 54 35 18 16 25

Quotation Mark

As a business owner, I believe KU's Computer Science & Information Technology Department is the region's best at many levels. The students are smart, prepared and work hard. More important for me is they are consistently willing to learn new skills and receptive to management suggestions. At Liquid, I expect all employees to swim in the deep end of the pool and work as a winning team. I like to create new highly paid technology jobs and KU is where I look to fill them first. Also, I find working with the faculty to be highly productive. They know their students well and work hard to coach them for career success.

Jim Ludlow, President, Liquid Interactive