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Computer Science: Information Technology, M.S.

Master of Science

Due to the growing complexity of data-storing systems – IT professionals are found in virtually every industry. From mom-and-pop shops to multinational corporations, businesses need IT. Over the next decade, career opportunities in IT are expected to grow faster than average. From healthcare to sports, from retail to government—no organization can function without employees who have the skills and credentials of an IT professional. You can become one of those most-sought-after experts by completing a thirty-credit (30) Computer Science master's degree in the Information Technology track.

The program is capped by either a six-credit thesis or Program of Study Summary.

M.S. Computer Science Checksheet

    Sample Career Options

    • Network engineer
    • Developer (software or web)
    • Analyst (information security or computer systems)
    • Computer programmer
    • Administrator (database or computer systems)
    • IT manager
    • Admissions Requirements and Deadlines
      • Application
      • Official transcripts from all previous colleges or universities
      • Three letters of recommendation


      Fall semester: August 1st

      Spring semester: December 1st

      Summer sessions: May 1st

    Student Learning Outcomes

    • Computer Science, Information Technology track (M.S.)
      1. Able to explain appropriate solutions to various security threats to a network environment.
      2. Demonstrate an understanding of design principles pertaining to advanced topics in computer science And/or information technology.
      3. Apply design principles pertaining to advanced topics in computer science and/or information technology.
      4. Demonstrate in-depth knowledge and skills within a specialized area of computer science and/or information technology.

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