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Campus Shuttle

The KU Campus Shuttle program is a quick and easy way for students to travel around campus, around Kutztown, or to go on evening trips without having to worry about driving, walking, or paying for rides. Whether you need to move from your residence hall to an academic building, head to The Edge to study with a friend or stop by the grocery store to pick up some items, the campus shuttle can get you there.

Kutztown University shuttle service is provided by Mainstreet Leasing. Mainstreet has provided on time, safe, personalized service for their customers for over 38 years. Riders will board brand new ADA-compliant buses to make their way across campus and across town.

ADA Equipped Shuttles

All Kutztown University shuttles are equipped to transport students with permanent or temporary disabilities between University facilities and the local area.  

We know how busy your day is. Don't waste a minute of it waiting at a bus stop. Kutztown University has partnered with Ride Systems whose app allows riders to track the exact location of a bus in real time through a web application accessible to riders through any web browser and native apps for both the Android and iPhone. Students may download the free app from or to track the campus shuttles through their daily routes on their smartphones. The buses may also be tracked via any web browser at

Students who use voice over should access the bus tracking app through the myKU app. The bus tracker link can be found on page two of the myKU app. 

Ride Systems Mobile Tracker App: an Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) system

If you are tired of standing at the bus stop and wondering when the next shuttle will arrive, then download Ride Systems by visiting the App Store or Google Play and search for "Ride Systems." Once installed, select "Kutztown University" and check the locations of the campus shuttle buses along with their estimated times of arrival.

Questions or Comments?

Please contact Public Safety at or 610-683-4860.