Special Parking Requests

Students may be eligible for upgrades or unique parking assignments if they regularly participate in late-night off-campus jobs or activities, have documented ambulatory medical conditions, or have a state-issued handicap placard.

Before applying for a specialized parking assignment, students must be registered for a standard parking permit. This process must be completed online through their MyKU account prior to applying for an upgrade.

Please click the appropriate item from the dropdown list below.

  • Handicap Parking

    Persons with state-issued handicap placards or plates may utilize handicap parking spaces on campus, provided they also display a KU parking permit. 

    To ensure that handicap placards are not being abused, the KU parking enforcement team will, from time to time, check the validity of placards and plates. Bearers of these items are encouraged to provide copies of the placard and state-issued placard ID card to Transportation Services by emailing the images to parkingpermits@kutztown.edu.

  • Medical Need

    Transportation Services provides students the opportunity to request temporary Special Parking when they have a documented medical need and the assignment of parking can improve their welfare. The issuance of a Special Parking Permit is an optional service that KU provides to its community members under a limited number of conditions. The applicant must meet at least one of the following criteria:

    • has a short-term, qualifying mobility issue but does not qualify for a state-issued handicapped license plate or placard.
    • has a short-term, qualifying mobility issue, but, due to the short length of time of their mobility issue, it would not be feasible to apply for state handicapped parking status.
    • has a long-term, qualifying mobility issue, has applied for a state-issued handicapped license plate or placard, and is awaiting a response from the state.

    Special Parking Permits (displayed on vehicle rearview mirror) allow for parking as follows:

    • In any KU parking space designated for “Special Parking Permit Only” AND/OR
    • In any parking space on campus EXCEPT:
      • Handicapped parking spaces, visitor parking spaces, or any other reserved spaces.
      • Any roads, lands, or grassy areas where there is not a legal parking space.

    To be considered for a Special Parking Permit, a student must click this link, login with their KU credentials, and submit the form and mandatory attachments.


  • Off-Campus Job or Activity

    Transportation Services provides students the opportunity to request a change to their parking assignment when special documented circumstances exist that are essential to the welfare of the student. Special dispensations are sometimes allowed in the following circumstances:

    • A student is employed on-campus performing duties assigned by the university which require the repeated use of a personal vehicle while parked in a specific area designated by Transportation Services.
    • A student is employed off-campus and the current parking assignment significantly affects a student’s ability to safely get to work on time.
    • A student has personal safety concerns based upon experiences or course schedule.
    • A student serves as a First Responder in the Kutztown area.