The office of Counseling & Psychological Services offers time-limited professional counseling services to students with personal problems and concerns such as:

  • Depression, stress, and anxiety
  • Family problems
  • Relationship problems
  • Academic problems
  • Alcohol and drug use issues
  • Understanding self
  • Identity-related concerns
  • Domestic violence/dating violence/sexual violence

Services are available to full-time, matriculated, undergraduate Kutztown University students at no additional cost and are confidential.

Ongoing individual and group counseling services are available for full-time students. Consultation, crisis intervention, and referrals are provided for students who do not attend the university full-time.

Graduate students are also eligible for all services; graduate students seeking non-crisis related services are required to pay the per semester Health and Wellness Center fee.

Counseling services are provided by licensed doctoral- and masters-level counseling professionals who are also faculty members at the university and by supervised masters- and doctoral-level counselors-in-training who are supervised by the faculty.

Limited psychiatric services are also available to ongoing counseling center clients.


Available services include but are not limited to:

  • Initial evaluation and consultation
  • Individual counseling
  • Group therapy (more information below)
  • Crisis intervention
  • Community referrals
  • Psychiatric consultations on a limited basis
  • Alcohol/drug counseling
  • Psycho-educational presentations


  • Group therapy is a powerful treatment approach that facilitates positive growth and change.
  • Group provides an opportunity to be open and receive support from others in an environment of confidentiality, safety, trust, and respect.
  • Currently, we are offering in person and virtual groups through a secure Zoom platform.
  • Group counseling is available via Zoom or in person to students currently enrolled in Kutztown University and who are physically located in Pennsylvania during the group meeting.
  • Groups meet weekly for a 50-minute session.
  • Groups are private and confidential; all members must agree that what is disclosed in sessions cannot be shared outside of the group.

 Why Group Therapy?

  • Group therapy is the most effective treatment approach for many issues college students face. Many personal problems are interpersonal in nature. Very often they stem from our relationships or from our personal patterns of relating. Group therapy offers the rare opportunity to explore and understand how you relate to others and get specific feedback on how others relate to you.
  • For many Kutztown University students, groups can be more effective and produce quicker results than individual counseling. The lessons group members learn from each other and the chance to work through problems with other people who share similar concerns are what make group therapy effective.
  • In group therapy, you can directly work on how you relate to others.

How Do I Join?

  • If you are currently seeing a therapist at the Kutztown Counseling Center, you can ask them about joining a group. You may also contact Dr. Laurane McGlynn, Group Coordinator at the Counseling Center, by calling 610-683-4072.
  • Prior to joining a group, a meeting will be scheduled between you and the group facilitator.  During this meeting, you will have a chance to discuss your interest in the group, ask questions, identify goals and determine if group is right for you. 

Spring 2022 Groups:

Trauma-Informed Yoga Group – In person

Thursdays from 11:00-11:50 starting February 24th

For Students who are experiencing stress and trauma due to Covid-19.

Learn and practice restorative trauma-informed yoga. Cultivate self-compassion and a sense of calmness. Develop skills to manage stress. Reflect on thoughts and feelings related to Covid-19.

This group meets for eight weekly 50-minute sessions. You will receive weekly at-home yoga practice guides. Receive group support and connection.

Facilitators: Dr. Laurane McGlynn and Brooke Kohler, doctoral practicum trainee.

Mindfulness Skills Group – In person

Mondays- 11:00-11:50 starting February 21st

This group will provide instruction and practice in mindfulness skills including meditation, breathwork, body scan, gentle yoga, mindful eating and stress reduction practices. 

Benefits of mindfulness include feeling emotionally calmer, awareness, and acceptance of the present moment, clear and creative thoughts, developing skills to manage anxiety and depression and cultivating kindness and compassion for yourself and others.

Facilitators: Dr. Laurane McGlynn and Brooke Kohler, doctoral practicum trainee. 

Dungeons and Dragons – In person

Fridays - 3:00-3:50 starting February 25th

For students to build skills to improve their social skills. 

This group facilitated by CPS therapists uses the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons to help participants improve their frustration tolerance, develop creative problem-solving skills, learn to take the perspective of others, and cultivate communication and collaboration skills. Participants are invited to create and role-play a character and work with other group members as they embark on a quest in this collaboratively built adventure. Each session will provide the opportunity to learn, grow, and practice new skills related to self-regulation, planning, collaboration, and perspective-building in a supportive and safe environment. No experience with tabletop role-playing games is necessary, and all materials will be provided.

Facilitators: Jill Sober-White, MA, LPC, CGCS and Jennifer Hanson, LPC.

Support Group for Students with Chronic Medical Illness – In person

Tuesdays- 11:00-11:50 starting February 22nd

This group will focus on providing a safe and compassionate space where students can feel seen, heard and understood in their journey of living with a chronic illness. Students will have the opportunity to increase connection with others and build community. In this group, you can learn skills to help you discover how to nourish your mind and body through mindfulness, self-care practices, grounding techniques and writing exercises. You will also have the opportunity to practice pain management and anxiety reduction skills.

Facilitated by Dr. Laurane McGlynn.

We invite you to learn more about group therapy opportunities at CPS. You may join a currently running group until 3 weeks after the start date, with the exception of the Dungeons and Dragons group.

Group topics and times change each semester, so please ask your CPS counselor about our current groups!