Counseling Process

If you are experiencing mental health challenges, we encourage you to contact our office to begin the counseling process. This guide may help you to identify signs and symptoms of mental health issues that indicate professional help would be beneficial. If you are in doubt, please contact our office to discuss your options.

The counseling process begins by scheduling an initial consultation appointment. To do this, you will need to call the office at 610-683-4072.

Students who are new to Counseling & Psychological Services are usually scheduled with the first available counselor. This counselor will meet with you for an initial consultation to assess your needs and concerns.

After your initial consultation, the counselor will provide recommendations for services that will best meet your needs. If your needs can be met at CPS and you are eligible for services, you will be assigned to either an individual counselor or a counseling group. Individual counseling sessions are short-term and time-limited (a 5-7 session limit). There is no limit to group counseling. Assignments take into account your needs, concerns, and the times you are available for counseling. 

If it is determined that your needs would be better met off-campus, we will work with you to provide referrals for an off-campus provider.


All information and data of Counseling & Psychological Services is confidential and will not be disclosed to any other person or agency without the student's consent, except as required by law and professional ethics. Please request a copy of the CPS Informed Consent Form or ask to speak with a counselor for more information regarding exceptions to confidentiality.


Throughout the academic year, students encounter difficult problems. In many instances, talking to a professional counselor is helpful. Counseling & Psychological Services is available for students who are dealing with a wide variety of personal, interpersonal, and family problems. The following statements are examples of typical counseling concerns:

"I'm so depressed; nothing is going right"

"My family member is an alcoholic and there is always fighting at my house."

"The person I am dating gets angry when I talk to other people."

"I feel nervous all the time. I have too much to do, and I feel so overwhelmed."

"I'm having a hard time making friends. I don't feel like I fit in, but I'm not sure why."

"Something happened to me when I was young. I need to talk to somebody about it."

"I can't seem to get over a family death. It's affecting school and everything else."

"I've been experiencing discrimination and am unsure how to cope with it."


  • Services are provided at NO ADDITIONAL COST to enrolled, full-time undergraduate KU students.
  • Services are CONFIDENTIAL.
  • INDIVIDUAL and/or GROUP counseling is available.
  • EMERGENCY services are available.