Graduate Assistantship

The office of Counseling & Psychological Services is typically approved for one or two graduate assistants (GA's) each academic year. The graduate assistantship provides an excellent opportunity for a Kutztown University counseling graduate student to gain hands-on experience in the major. The assistantship is a supervised clinical position in which the student is afforded experience working with undergraduate student-clients presenting with an array of concerns similar to those the student will encounter in the field of counseling after graduation. As such, the GA will gain valuable relevant experiences that will complement their coursework.

The graduate assistant will be assigned to a faculty counselor supervisor who will meet with the GA on a weekly basis in order to monitor clinical cases and to help develop counseling skills. In addition, the GA will participate in weekly training sessions designed to foster professional growth in the field, with topics that include clinical issues, ethics and laws governing the profession, and employment preparation. The GA will also develop skills such as clinical documentation, case conceptualization, and application of counseling theory and appropriate interventions. Faculty supervisors from the department work directly with faculty in the Department of Counseling and Human Services to assess and foster the graduate assistant's professional growth.


  • 20 hours/week on-site, including evenings
  • Attendance at a weekly group training/supervision meeting
  • Active participation in case presentations and discussions
  • Individual clinical supervision (1 hour/week minimum)
  • Adherence to the ethical principles of the American Psychological Association and/or the American Counseling Association
  • Current liability insurance coverage


    Counseling & Psychological Services accepts applications from interested graduate students in the Spring semester for the next academic year. Applications should be submitted electronically through Slate; no hard copies will be accepted.