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We want more than a diverse student body. Here at KU, you can study about the importance of diversity to be successful in business, global competence, and the arts and humanities.

Dr. Deryl Johnson, Professor of Communication Studies
Diversity-Related Course Offerings

The following are courses at Kutztown University that represent the wide range of diversity topics available for students in majors, minors, or as electives:

ANT 215: Gender Across Cultures

ANT 241: Race & Ethnicity

ANT/SOC 246: Globalization and Development

ANT 262: Hate Across Cultures

ANT 505: Culture and Learning

ANT 555: Peoples, Cultures, and Adaptations in the Pennsylvania Region

COM 237: Women Writers in Performance

COM 250: Performance of Latino/a Literature 

COM 271: Sexualities & Communication in Everyday Life

COM 285: Gender Communication

COM 301: Performance & Culture

COM 341: Voices of American Women

CRJ 232: Diversity in the CRJ System

ENG 132: Contemporary Gay and Lesbian Literature

ENG 137: Experiences in AFAM Literature

ENG 234: Ethnic American Literature

ENG 236: Black American Literature: Poetry/Drama

ENG 237: Black American Literature: Novel

ENG 246: Feminist Film Theory

ENG 247: Modern Latin American Literature in Translation

ENG 274: Women, Writing, & Rhetoric

ENG 323: Native American Women Writers

ENG 366: Cultures of American Modernism

HIS 145: Search for Social Justice in America

HIS 150: Minorities in American History

HIS 204 CDCT: History of Gender Dynamics in Africa

HIS 208: History of Racism: Since 1500

HIS 225: A History of the Jewish People in Modern Times

HIS 229: American Urban History

HIS 231: History of Africa to 1800

HIS 240: African American History

HIS 241: History of Women in America

HIS 244: Immigration and Ethnicity in American History

HIS 247: Work and Workers in American History

HIS 261: CDWI: History of Africa Since 1800

HIS 262: The History of Africans in the Americas

HIS 341: Problems in Slavery and Abolition

HIS 437: Indian-White Relations

HUM 211: Women in the Arts

MAT 045: Women in Math

POL 231: Social Movement and Revolutions

PSY 205: Psychology of the Black Experience

PSY 208: Psychology of Gender

PSY 215: Psychology of Prejudice

SOC 207: Families & Social Class 

SOC 217: LGBTQ Studies

SOC 222: Rural Poverty

SOC 224: Immigration & Assimilation

SOC 230: Urban Sociology

SOC 235: Sociology of Gender

SOC 241: Race & Ethnicity

SOC 260: Social Stratification

SOC 280: Social Movements

SPA 247: Modern Latin American Literature in Translation

SWK 130: Poverty & Social Welfare

SWK 160: Human Behavior & Social Environment

WGS 217: LGBTQ Studies

WGS 250: Women & Leadership

WGS 251: Women, Money, & Power

WGS 329: Feminist & Gender Theories

This list may not be comprehensive as course offerings do change and additions are made. Also, many faculty members do incorporate diversity or social justice themes into their courses that might not be specifically related or on this list. If you have suggestions to this list of courses to be added or deleted, please email Angelica Mishra, Assistant to the Chief Diversity Officer, at

Please note that not all courses are offered each semester or each year. Offerings may be done in cycles or change due to faculty changes or major/minor offerings.

For more information on courses and course descriptions, please click here for the Kutztown University course catalog.